UrbanOuteaters, a food and travel blog based in Jakarta and Bandung, Indonesia, was born and created through our obsessive passion for good food and exciting travel experiences. Our daily routine as foodies have brought us to countless new restaurants and hang out places that were kept on popping out around us, far before we started this blog. As time goes by, we got into a point when we asked ourselves: Why not formalize things a bit and set up a food and travel blog to share our experiences? Hence, UrbanOuteaters was born.

Founder Eaters:

POSH EATER – She has the busiest life of all, a young mom with a pile of social events to attend and other activities on her calendar. A narcissist could be on her resume as occupational hazard.

CHIC EATER – A reserved graphic designer and entrepreneur with hectic working life who love to travel despite her flying phobia and to explore new stuff, from spinning house music to hip hop, cake decorating to experimenting on product photography. A helplessly curious foodie who can’t sit still and stay at one place for too long.

Since we’ve already loved taking food pictures and do cafe hopping on a regular basis, we both agreed that putting a blog would be an interesting idea. For the record, we are never a journalist nor real food critics. This is just a link to share our passion for food and it is intended to express our passion for food, travel and lifestyle.

Posh Eater and Chic Eater capturing foodtography moments
Posh Eater and Chic Eater’s foodtography moments

We have expanded our reach to other continents, countries, and cities to bring you a more global view of world culinary and to share an outeating and outliving experiences like none other.

Partner Eater:

Singapore: SASSY EATER – A firm believer in living life to the fullest, an audacious travel addict and a travel photographer in frequent holidays, with a voracious appetite for food and yoga.

Our partner in Singapore - Sassy Eater
Our partner in Singapore – Sassy Eater



We hope you’ll enjoy our blogs as much as we do in writing it.

Please contact us through email: hello@urbanouteaters.com

 ps: We’re sorry if we miss some of your comments or emails. We’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible 🙂

For invitation, endorsements, or banner ads,  feel free to send us an email and let us know about it.
Don’t hesitate to write us a comment on the comment area, but offensive, soliciting or spam comments will be removed.
Due to our irregular and busy schedules, we might not be able to accept your invitation or attend your event, however we will definitely try to visit your undoubtedly cool establishment at a different time.

So feel free to invite and let us know of your newly launched restaurant or your new product launches. We’d love to try it and review it.

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