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Do you like Indian food? Well there are plenty of great, affordable authentic ones in Singapore, but this particular place seems to stands out when it comes to choosing a delicious one. Banana Leaf is located in Little India, quite known to locals so your taxi/Uber driver should take you to the right place. The restaurant is actually a food court kind of place, where there are more than one stalls, but you can order your food at your table. The place is humble but also charming in its own way.

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First thing that they serve was the Pappadum/Indian crackers. Thinly crispy light and fragrant too. Yum!


Don’t be surprise to find that you don’t use plate for eating here. Instead, they use non other than Banana Leaves. What a unique way to experience authentic Indian cuisine.


Here’s what I order:

Squid Black
Squid Black

Squid Black (S$9.00/Small): Squid simmered with spices and black sauce. The sauce was thick with curry-like texture. Delicious and fragrant.

Fish Head Curry
Apolo Fish Head Curry

Apolo Fish Head Curry (S$22.00/Small): Fish head marinated lightly with spices, herbs and simmered in light gravy. Fresh fish, the curry was velvety and deep in flavor.

Chicken Masala
Apolo Chicken Masala

Apolo Chicken Masala (S$5.00): Chicken cooked in thick masala. Full of spices and the chicken was cooked nicely.

Curry Chicken
Curry Chicken

Curry Chicken (S$5.00): Chicken in Indian curry sauce. Overall just an average dish.

Tandoori Chicken
Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori Chicken (S$15.60/Half): Roasted chicken with yogurt and spices. The chicken were succulent and perfectly cooked.

Apolo Chicken
Apolo Chicken Briyani Set

Apolo Chicken Briyani Set (S$9.00): Briyani rice, 2 kinds of vegetables, pappadum, chicken gravy and chicken masala.

Plain Naan
Plain Naan

Plain Naan (S$2.50): Plain Tandoori bread.

Cheese Naan
Cheese Naan

Cheese Naan (S$4.50): Naan topped with grated Cheddar cheese.

From my first visit here, I’d say that Banana Leaf gave me a good impression. Delicious food, lovely ambience and many selection of authentic Indian food.


Banana Leaf Apolo

48 Serangoon Road, #01-32
Little India Arcade
Singapore 217959

Phone: +65 62971595


Opening Hours:

Mon – Sun 10:30 AM – 10:30 PM

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