If you love Indonesian heritage, you’re gonna be excited about this one as much as I do. To say that this new Plataran is Ambitious, is an understatement and WOW do they show it. To enter the facility is like checking in to a high-end resort. As you’re reaching the lobby drop off, you’re welcomed with “the Pancasila”, a wonderful set of water fountain sculpture, descriptive of Indonesian foundational philosophical theory.

The giant eatery is lavish, with high ceilings and giant ornament hanging lights, huge indoor plants and it feels like you’ve arrived in Bali instead of Jakarta. There are 2 parts of the restaurants,Tiga dari (two parts of the formal dining) and Pidari (another casual wing) still under construction. The outdoor plantation wasn’t exactly ready for viewing, but shows huge potential. This place is obviously well prepared for big party.

The menu here is slightly different from the other Plataran. Let’s try what they have to offer:

Lemburi Jeruk Bali (IDR 105.000): Soft shell crab, mango slaw salad with pomelo, carrot and sweet and spicy sauce. The young mango meat was scrumptious, worked well with the crunchiness of the crab and the tangy sauce.

Lembur Jeruk Bali

Bola Bola Senayan (IDR 89.000): Super cute presentation and wonderful flavor of Squid and Prawn meatball with peanut sauce.

Bola Bola Senayan

Mishoa Goreng (IDR 99.000): Fried mishoa (Mung Bean Noodle) with chicken, prawn, eggs and vegetables. Perfectly seasoned dish.

Mishoa Goreng

Ayam Kremes Pasundan (IDR 125.000): Tumeric, Coconut and Galangal seasoned Fried Chicken. Salty, crunchy and really good.

Ayam Kremes Pasundan

Empal Cabe Ijo (IDR165.000): Succulent Tenderloin beef with green chili relish.

Empal Cabe Ijo

Last but not least…the dessert:

Crepe Es Teler (IDR 75.000): Loving this fusion dessert of French crepe, with Jackfruit, avocado, coconut,palm sugar and Vanilla ice cream on top.

Crepe Es Teler

Plataran restaurant can’t seem to dissapoint, and Hutan Kota Plataran is the newest place to go for a taste authentic Indonesian food and culture.

Hutan Kota Plataran

Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav 54-55
Central Jakarta – 12190

Phone: (021) 2253 1199

Opening Hours:

Mon – Sun 11AM – 11PM


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