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As a designer, I am naturally drawn to anything aesthetically beautiful and attractive. Quite often in my culinary adventure, I looked at things more from the physical side of it, which in this case, is the interior design of the venue. Sometimes I got fortunate enough to find a place with both good ambiance as well as good food, other times I did not. It is not the case though for most people, as they most often look for a place that they are familiar with.

This time I landed at a relatively new Spanish restaurant around Senopati area called Txoko. Later on I found out that the restaurant was actually serving, more precisely, Basque cuisine. The cuisine originated from Basque county, located in the northern part of Spanish, between Spanish and France. Another interesting cuisine we learn about, tried and savored.

As we entered the premises, we were immediately welcomed with such a warm gesture by Oskar Orzelai, the Executive Chef there, and his team. The restaurant has two stories with more seating space in the upper section. However, both areas are smartly-designed with focus on warmth, relaxing and sophisticated vibe. It’s an easy and enjoyable experience taking pictures of its interior as it was so instagenically organized. Even the vanilla-coconut and island-papaya hand-soap they provide at the handwash basin are chosen to fit the atmosphere they aim to create there.

Garlic Prawns Pret-a-Porter (idr 65k) – The thinly-sliced prawns were served raw to the table and then torched by the server on the spot. This garlic-marinated prawns was truly to die for. As a seafood lover, I would recommend anyone to have a go on this menu. Must try!

Grilled Octopus w Boletus Cream (idr 70k) – Another one of their best tapas menu. The octopus was cooked well and the boletus cream, which is a mushroom-based sauce, was a great complement to the main protein of the dish.

Lamb Shank w Sweet Potato (idr 225k) – If you like lamb, this huge dish is the right choice for you to share between 2-3 persons. The meat was tender and juicy.
Also complimentary bread at the background, accompanied by four types of butter: beetroot, mushroom, tomato, spinach.

El Gin Tonic (idr 110k) – For dessert lover, this tonic served with lemon sorbet and cucumber jelly is positively light and refreshing. Served creatively on a half-cut Hendrick’s gin bottle, they provided added Gin tonic on a spray bottle for you to spray on the dessert to your liking. What a lovely experience.

Hot Cappuccino w Almond Milk (idr 40k + 10k) – Nice added option for lactose intolerant individuals.

Exhilaration is the right word to describe how I felt at the time. From the welcome gesture, product knowledge and service, great food and beverages, to its music selections and ambiance, I honestly couldn’t find anything lacking in Txoko. Needless to say, Txoko Jakarta got a bloated two-thumbs up from me.


Jl. Suryo No. 6
Jakarta Selatan

P. 021.2708.2215
WA. 0815.1106.8587

Daily 8.00am – 11.30pm
Except Sunday 11.00am – 17.00pm


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