Looking for a fun restaurant with a delicious meal is like finding a needle in a haystack these days. Especially in Pantai Indah Kapuk area, where most of the insta worthy ones are too gimmicky (in my personal opinion of course). So when my friend took me to this new Thai restaurant, I must confess that the first thing I do was that I cringed on the sight of pretty neon lights and cute stacks photo worthy drink holders. It’s not that I’m against those things, in fact I am a sucker for party decorations. It’s just that I’ve had my share of bad experience with “loud” eateries.

SanThai has a tremendous narcissist magnet as an interior. Which is a good thing. The place isn’t that big (with the second floor still in renovation phase), but so bright and colorful, you can’t help to take pictures everywhere. The Thai menu is wide in range, mixed with authentic and fusion dishes.

Let’s start with the feasting:

Asian Corn Salad (IDR 45.000): Corn, Salted egg with sweet and sour dressing. Looks simple but the strong flavor was delicious.

Asian Corn Salad

Thai Pomelo Salad (IDR 48.000): Fragrant and bold in taste.

Thai Pomelo Salad


Prawn and Chicken Spring Rolls (IDR 55.000): The spring roll skin was just so so, but the filling was full and tasty.

Prawn and Chicken Spring Rolls


Special Curry Fish (IDR 175.000): Fresh Snapper fish head, thick savory and deep flavored curry sauce.

Special Curry Fish


Bangkok Beef (IDR 125.000): The beef was pretty good but a little to greasy.

Bangkok Beef


Legend Curry Calamari (IDR 90.000): The yellow curry resembled Singaporean curry that’s more sweet than salty. I personally like this, but the taste could be bland compare to the others.

Legend Curry Calamari


Glass Noodle Prawn (IDR 70.000): Thai style light glass noodle, with powerful taste.

Glass Noodle Prawn


Kakigori Thai Tea (IDR 75.000): I believe this is supposed to be a Japanese dessert, but with the pretty presentation and wonderful flavor of real Thai ice tea, I’m not complaining.

Kakigori Thai tea
Kakigori Thai tea

Thai Ice Mixed (IDR 35.000): Sweet corn, coconut, jackfruit, Arenga Palm Fruit / Kolang Kaling in Coconut Milk. This one was average.

Thai Ice Mixed

Huge range of menu and Dessert, good service, photo spot in every corner, that’s how I’d describe Santhai. But the most important thing is that the food was great and made the whole thing complete. I’d definitely come back for some more.


Ruko Garden House
Blok B No. 18B
Jl. Pantai Indah Kapuk
North Jakarta

Phone: (021) 2903 3159

Opening Hours:

Mon – Sun 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM


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