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The weather is terribly hot lately. It makes me want to look for something refreshing. Whenever I go to a convenience store, I always look for Yogurt. It has been my daily routine to drink yogurt before starting to do my activities.

Also, when I travel on either a business or leisure trip, I always have Yogurt ready. Since we are somewhat uninformed about food and drink in places that we are not accustomed yet, if we do not eat carefully enough, we might consume something wrong and cause stomachache due to disruption in digestion. That’s where Yogurt comes in and play its role to help relieve the stomachache and restore our digestive system.

Have you ever got confused on which Yogurt brand to choose from quite a number of available brand in the market? Which one is the healthiest and providing the most benefit for your body? As for me, I have tried several different Yogurt brands, and I chose YOFORIA for its live probiotics, which also mean that it has living good bacteria in it. Fresh Yogurt like YOFORIA does not go through any other process after it becomes Yogurt, such as heating process as well as UHT, to keep its good bacteria alive. Keep in mind, that not all Yogurt in the market are fresh Yogurt, since some go through a process and the bacteria are not alive anymore, reducing its beneficial features. Anyhow, YOFORIA is truly fresh, and that is one thing that differentiates YOFORIA from the other brands.

I used to feel a bit uneasy and wonder if having live probiotics might cause certain weird taste on the Yogurt. However, there is no need to worry. YOFORIA is using special live probiotics and its taste is still great with no weird taste whatsoever. In fact, I felt that its taste is not too sour and even too creamy. By the way, if you are undergoing a diet, YOFORIA would also be highly suitable to be part of the program. There is no need to be concerned about getting fat if you consume YOFORIA, since it is made of dietary fiber sourced from natural orange.

The last but not the least thing that I undoubtedly love about YOFORIA, is its varieties in flavours. YOFORIA offers 7 flavour choices : Berry Smooth, Peach Delight, Soursop Bliss, Authentique (plain/original), Blueberry Good, Lychee Blast, and Coffee Cream. I love Peach Delight the best, as it is extremely refreshing and light. Don’t forget to drink it right off the cooler as it is best consumed cold.

So, for you people with high activities and love to travel, you definitely need to stock on YOFORIA in you fridge, to ensure that your day will not be disturbed by digestive issues. For more detailed information on YOFORIA, just check www.yoforia.id

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