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Based on my years of culinary hopping in Jakarta, I feel that the only thing that Jakarta lacks of is an outdoor cafe with laid back island vibe. So, in mid February, immediately after I got the wind of such a cafe, I tried to visit the place using google as my guide. However, it turned out that the direction from google at the time did not help me much in finding the place. Pointing to taman ria senayan did not give us much head up as well, as the place was undergoing major construction. Finally, after a few wrong turns and circle, I reached the location and it was at the same spot as Pulau Dua restaurant.

Would you agree if I say that the entrance reminds me of our beautiful island of Bali?

Passing through the curtains, we got into an area that made you feel you are not in the metropolitan city anymore.  All the white interiors as well as the little details there supports an outdoor island vibe that is truly instagenic.

The best time to visit would be in the afternoon after 3pm as the heat would have subsided a bit. At the time of my visit, it was flocked with visitor looking to get a shot of themselves in this photogenic venue as there are quite a few great spots to take picture.

Here we ordered Sweet Potato Rounds and Coconut Water to munch and drink. We definitely made a great choice on the food and drink. The sweet potato rounds are crunchy and yummy, while the coconut was refreshing.

Kokonut & Curtains’ refreshing take on delivering an escape from the busy and hectic life of Jakarta undoubtedly pays off. As more and more people learn about what they have to offer, I believe it will become more crowded.

KOKONUT & CURTAINS by wakimukudo


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