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I love chocolate! Well..who doesn’t right? Chocolate is one food ingredients that is probably used in 95% of sweet products, like ice cream, bread, pancake, crepe, croissant and even macaron. It is also sold as the main product itself in the form of chocolate bar, chocolate spread, chocolate powder, and other forms.

Launched in 2016, D’Lanier has opened several outlets in Bandung and Medan to introduce and sell its products in retail. In Bandung, the outlets are at Paris Van Java Mall and Paskal 23 Mall. While in Medan, D’Lanier can be found at Sun Plaza Mall.

Positioning themselves as a premium chocolate manufacturer, D’Lanier develops luxury, unique and original chocolate products. They were all sold in the shape of sphere around twice the size of pearl. Having a professional chef leading its production, Chef Joy Pelo from Melbourne, D’Lanier has an edge over its competitors in terms of quality. They do not use compound chocolate as many other chocolate maker do. Instead, they use couverture chocolate, which is a very high-quality chocolate that contains a higher percentage of cocoa butter, resulting in better and richer taste as well as shinier chocolate surface.

Frankly speaking, I was initially skeptical about the products and could not buy into the notion that it could become the snack that people in Indonesia will get used to. However, after sampling several flavours and ending up purchasing a few containers myself, I would have to retract my preliminary conjecture. I personally like its Mango, Goji Berry & Red Quinoa, Arabica Pearl, Mango as well as Dark Chocolate and Matcha Pearl. They all have their own appeal.

For those of you who are Diabetics that are longing to snack on chocolates or even for autistic kids who needs low glycemic index diet, you can choose the Dark Chocolate 82% with Naturally Sweetened from Stevia. Quite thoughtful huh? All their products do not contain any coloring, preservatives, and they only use natural flavouring. They also use high quality ingredients such as imported nuts or even imported matcha straight from Japan! The main ingredients which is the raw chocolate itself is produced locally from selected local farmers.

Besides selling their chocolate collections, they also offer snack collections at their outlets. They have Dried Fruits, Granola and Mixed Nuts, that are sold in several flavour selections.

If you are into chocolate drinks, you can try their Hot Chocolate, which comes highly recommended and their refreshing Iced Chocolate as well. They added some crunchy chocolate bits into the drink to make it more interesting.

After reviewing D’Lanier products quite comprehensively, I have to applaud its originality and its emphasis to quality that have made their chocolate products a level above the rest.


Paris Van Java Mall – Bandung
Paskal 23 Mall – Bandung
Sun Plaza – Medan


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