Most sought after restaurants in Jakarta nowadays are the ones with good and Insta-worthy food. It’s an extra bonus if the place also has interesting photo corners. The Garden in Pantai Indah Kapuk is the probably the most popular one right now, mostly because their colorful interior. Much like the name, the place is exactly like that, a beautiful garden, very much like the one from Disney’s Alice in The Wonderland animated movie. The one thing I dread is the fact that No reservation are accepted here. The best way to get  good table for lunch is to come before 11:00 AM. Even then, people are already lining up in front. I’ve got the corner seat which was okay accept for the strong cold wind from the AC.




The food here are mostly Asian fusion food. I hate to tell you but the service wasn’t top notch when I was there, probably because of the super busy hour. Here are the food that I tried today:

Krunchy Black Eel (IDR 65.000): Delicious, crunchy, sweet and sour fried eel.

Wonton Bulgogi Taco (IDR 90.000): Cute presentation, good wonton skin, but the bulgogi beef filling wasn’t fresh and quite smelly.

Sunshine Caramelized Pork (IDR 100.000): Good crispy and flavorful pork belly with caramel sauce.

The Wonder Duck Crispy Kecombrang (IDR 125.000/half): The duck was well prepared, I also like the fragrant Kecombrang rice.

20Hr Short Rib Steak (IDR 165.000): Pretty good beef ribs with grilled baby corns and Wasabi Butter.

The Garden Fried Egg Noodle (IDR 65.000): Traditional Chinese style fried egg noodles with bold flavor.

Baby Lobster Tom Yum (IDR 110.000): The lobster was a little tough to chew, the texture resembles squid rather than a lobster. The Tom Yum sauce was rich and delicious though.


Kelapa Muda Panacotta (IDR 55.000): Coconut panacoyta with Cocopandan Granitta, white chocolate crumble, red ruby, Sago pearls and coconut Tuile. Looks cute but a mediocre dessert.

She’s Slice of Heaven (IDR 60.000): Mille crepe with Taro sauce. Love the color, simple but tasty cake.

The Garden is a beautiful place, full of photo opportunity spots and props, I can understand how this place is so popular among the ladies. But the food wasn’t as special to me. Visiting here has been a  nice experience but probably forgetable. Maybe you should check it out yourself and prove me wrong.

The Garden

Ruko Garden House Blok B No.27
Jl. Pantai Indah Kapuk
PIK, Jakarta

Phone: (021) 2257 2270

Opening Hours:

Mon – Sun 11:00 AM – 02:00 AM


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