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Do new restaurants spark your interest like they do to me? Maybe I have a case of foodie fever. 😁 Okuzono is a newly opened Japanese restaurant on Suryo St. Just pass the Senopati restaurant row and you’ll easily spot it on the right hand corner of the street. From the outside, the eatery looks much like any other typical Japanese restaurants, but as I step in, I was suddenly in awe of the interior. The seating arrangements here are pretty spectacular. Especially the boxes of booths pilling up the stairs that looks more like a box of Jenga stacks if I may say. The few from above is also has a story of its own. You can see the entire restaurant from the sushi bar to the normal seats and the Tatami private room outside is breath taking. Not to mention the bar and the pretty chandeliers made of vintage oil lamps.

Aside from that the menu here specialized in sushi, sashimi and Japanese fusion. One thing that I must complain about is the unavailability of some of their recommended dishes like the Wara-Yaki Salmon and the Tofu Salad. What a shame. Here what I did try today:

Sumi-Yaki Chicken Salad (IDR 70.000): Grilled chicken salad with Ponzu Wasabi Sauce. The highlight of this dish was the creamy and spicy dressing. I love it.

Sumi -Yaki Chicken Salad

Hakoniwa Masu Sushi Set (IDR 195.000): Three of sashimi with rice which included Aburi Tai with Uni, Chirashi Sushi and Aburi Salmon. Pretty presented, the Aburi Tai was fresh and flavorful;  the Chirashi Sushi is bright in color, tasty too ; last but not least the Aburi Salmon was also fresh and that extra mayo added a little kick that it needed.

Hakoniwa Masu Sushi Set
Aburi Salmon
Aburi Tai with Uni
Aburi Tai with Uni
Chirashi Sushi

Ei Hire (IDR 75.000): Char-grilled Skate Fin. Very small plate, this is more like fish jerky to me. None the less, it’s chewy, and addicted.

Ei Hire

Matcha Affogato (IDR 40.000): Matcha ice cream with Matcha sauce, red bean paste and mini mochis. The ice cream tasted more like caramel for me, but it’s tasty and worked well with the Matcha sauce.

Matcha Affogato
Matcha Affogato
Matcha Affogato

Okuzono was an a somewhat lovely experience. I love the setting and the vibe of the place. Hope the next time I’m there, they’ll have more menu available.




Jl. Suryo No.2
Senopati, South Jakarta

Phone: (021) 2793 3565

Opening Hours:

Mon – Sun 11:00 AM – Midnight.

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