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When a giant company such as Potato Head opens a new restaurant, I couldn’t help but feel giddy with excitement. Kaum Jakarta is the third installment after their Hong Kong and Bali branches. To tell you the truth, I was expecting a modern style restaurant, but instead, Kaum Jakarta surprised me with an old Colonial style, one level building instead. It was nice that they obviously preserve the Batavian touch and show the appreciation of the original city structure. The interior is mostly minimalist with simple patterned wall.


Kaum’s signature dishes are authentic Indonesian flavors of its various tribal communities.

Batagor (IDR 70.000): Fried prawn and fish dumplings served with spicy cashew nut sauce and sweet soy sauce. The batagor looks cute and resembles wontons. Their were dense and full of flavor. The one thing that I think was a little off was the bland sauce.



Ayam Berantakan (IDR 75.000): Pan fried chicken with toasted spicy coconut flakes, fried garlic slivers, fried curry leaves, fried oyster mushrooms and red chilies. Tender and flavorful.

Ayam Berantakan

Sate Sapi Maranggi (IDR 160.000): Grilled beef skewer, marinated with ginger, garlic, lesser galangal and crushed pepper. Lovely presentation, the meat was succulent and burst with flavor.

Sate Sapi Maranggi

Ikan Bakar Dabu Dabu (IDR 220.000): Grilled fillet Barramundi marinated with Tamarind water and Turmeric paste, served with spicy fruit and vegetable salsa. The fish was fresh and delicious.

Ikan Bakar Dabu Dabu

Kue Lumpur (IDR 60.000): Indonesian pancakes served with sticky black rice porridge, with Pandan leaves flavor.

Kue Lumpur
Kue Lumpur

Puding Tape Singkong (IDR 48.000): Bread pudding like dessert with fermented cassava. It was a fragrant and excellent textured.

Puding Tape Singkong

Kaum Jakarta shines with friendly, close to home-feeling all around, from the menu to the atmosphere. The food was good but didn’t necessary Wow me that much. But still it’s a great experience and good addition to Jakarta’s dining selection.


Jl. Dr. Kusuma Atmaja No.77-79
Menteng, Central Jakarta

Phone: (021) 2239 3256

Opening Hours:

Mon – Thurs 11:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Fri – Sat 11:00 AM – 1:00 AM
Sunday 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

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