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Life nowadays compared to a decade ago has gone through dramatic changes in many ways. The way we live our life has to be adjusted to accommodate them. Even means to handle stress and maintain good well being have become increasingly more necessary than ever before.

Some would choose to have weekly massage rituals or take days off to stay home and enjoy watching movies or reading books, when others might be more keen on travelling or culinary hunting. Anyhow, I believe it was ‘healthy me time’ that will help alleviate stress hence creating balanced life. I have to put some emphasis on healthy since ‘me time’ spent in harmful ways would be detrimental, let alone reducing stress, would you agree? Therefore, don’t go about it the wrong way.

To me, the best way to curb stress is to fill it with fun and healthy lifestyle, which I create by having as many vacation as I possibly can, while maintaining a healthy diet.

Bali is one of my favourite vacation destination. I found the visit to this island to be the best stress medicine, since other than its natural relaxing vibe, I could easily find healthy food intake anywhere I go. Take for instance this Yoforia Yogurt drink. I got it from a local Alfamart store on Sunset road.

Yoforia’s unique cup makes it easy to bring and enjoy on the go. Simply take off the lid, and you can have this probiotic beverage by drinking it like consuming a cup of coffee.  The texture of the Yoforia yogurt is more watery than regular yogurt, hence easier to drink.

The lactic acid, created from the fermentation of the milk, has many good nutrients found in dairy products, such as calcium, vitamin B2 and B12, potassium etc. The probiotics in yogurt is known to help boost immune system and promote a healthy digestive system.

So which team are you? For me, I think it’s quite obvious from the photos, that I took a liking for the peach delight. But I would say all three flavours are yummy. You have to try them all to find out your own preference.

Yoforia is truly a refreshing beneficial-to-your-health drink for the new age.  You can have it conveniently whether you are at-home, in-the-office or even on-the-go.  You need to truly feel its fun and healthy value to understand Yoforia.





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