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Chef Andrea Peresthu is a well known restaurateur in Jakarta whose passion for food has rewarded us with Javanegra, 212 and Atico. His newest venture is an Indonesian seafood restaurant by the name of Daun Muda (Young Leaf). While his other restaurants mostly serve Spanish food, Daun Muda menu is a mirror image of the chef’s heritage, which is the city of Palembang, South Sumatra. The menu also provides Indonesian traditional and contemporary food with Western presentation.The feeling I get when I entered the restaurant is a familiar one. It’s very obvious that this is Chef Andrea Peresthu’s joint just by looking at the playful tiles and brick curved archway, which is the same elements that you can find in his other restaurants. The display of seafood caught my eyes immediately. I was a little uncomfortable with the smokey air from the open kitchen barbeque but hey nobody (in this case) no restaurant is perfect.

Welcoming Snack

Tahu Goreng (IDR 30.000): The fried tofu was good but not beyond my expectation.

Tahu Goreng


Rusip Daun Muda (IDR 120.000): Mixed of vegetables, anchovies and Kaffir Lime. Fresh and spicy.

Rusip Daun Muda


Ikan Bakar Bujang Gadis (IDR 550.000): Grilled whole Grouper fish with sambal/red chili paste. If you have so-so spicy tolerance, you’d better order the sambal on the side cause it is pretty hot. I love the freshly cooked fish. The meat was velvety and tender, the sambal tasted incredible.

Ikan Bakar Bujang Gadis


Sate Ayam Manado (IDR 120.000/10 pieces): Chicken satays with Manadonese sambal. The chicken was succulent and full of flavor.

Sate Ayam Manado


Unjuk Rasa (IDR 55.000): Pancake with black glutinous rice, wajik (diamond shaped sticky rice) and Red Bean Gelato. Love this rich traditional dessert, especially the creamy gelato. It’s to die for.

Unjuk Rasa


Daun Muda is a promising and fresh new touch to Indonesian flavor. The next time I visit would be with a larger crowd to order more from their menu.




Daun Muda Soulfood by Peresthu

Jl. Wolter Monginsidi No.2A
Melawai, South Jakarta

Phone: 0822 9777 7136

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