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Aren’t you excited that more and more global food chains are opening in Jakarta? The Halal Guys is originated from NYC. This Middle Eastern and Mediterranean street food was established in 1990 and has been a booming business with over 200 restaurants world wide. Their name is so famous that you’ll notice few knockoff fast food joints with the similar names.😅 We got there around 11:30 and there’s already a long waiting line. Fortunately the wait wasn’t that long, about 15min. The Halal Guys specialized in Gyro and Middle Eastern rice dish, with three choices of meat: Chicken, Beef or Lamb.

The Line!

This is a fast food joint so you order first, pay and take your seat later.

The eatery is small, with only a few table but most of who came here order take out, so we got a table in no time. Here’s what we ordered:

Chicken Platter (IDR 50.000/Regular): Chicken, salad, yellow Turmeric and Cumin rice, chicken and Gyro, plus their world famous White sauce and Hot sauce. I love the fragrant rice, the chicken was also delicious and full of flavor but the hero here is truly the White sauce. It’s more like mayo sauce than the traditional yogurt sauce and it’s fantastic.

Chicken Platter
Chicken Platter

Chicken Gyro (IDR 40.909): Flatbread with chicken, tomato and lettuce with White and Hot sauce. The flatbread was light and fluffy. Generous chicken and delicious sauce. I want more of that sauce!

Chicken Gyro

The Halal Guys was worth the wait, tasty food and good value too. I’ll come back next time to try their other meat selections.




The Halal Guys

Senayan City #5-36
Jl. Asia Afrika Lot.19
South Jakarta

Phone: (021) 7278 2270

Opening Hours:
Mon – Sun 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

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