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I am quite certain this new modern Japanese bistro, from the people behind Bottega Ristorante, is not a stranger anymore to you Jakarta cafe hoppers. It was opened early this year at the office district of Lingkar Mega Kuningan.  As I did not reside in Jakarta, I came to visit the establishment at my earliest visit to this bustling capital city of Indonesia.

From the entrance to the East Tower building complex, you need to find parking on the rear area of the building for the closest parking space to Rock Papr Scsr.  As you know, the name was a form of abbreviation from the well-known hand game between two people called Rock Paper Scissor, where two people play to beat each other in this asian-originated game that was spread globally a long time ago beyond Asia.

As I entered the building from the back entrance, the bistro’s entrance was just a few steps away with a white on black signage by the door.  It was around 2pm on Sunday and the seats was still mostly occupied with people enjoying their lunch and some I noticed was holding their birthday or other events there.

The dining area by the entrance occupied an approximately 6 metre wide space, which headed to the main space with a higher glass ceiling and glass windows allowing more natural light into the area.  A table there would be my first choice if I were to reserve for it. Fortunately, a friend of ours had already booked a table there, right in front of the bar.

Cappuccino and Rose Hip Tea by Ronnefeldt (IDR 30k & 25k respectively).  As we came at around tea time anyway, we decided to have a cup of coffee and tea.

Wakame Mesclun Salad (IDR 50k) – Wakame, mixed salad, RPS Japanese dressing.  This appetizer was a good refreshing one and definitely healthy to start your lunch.  The greens blended well with the seaweeds and the dressing.

Striploin and Truffle Don (IDR 135k) – Striploin steak, onsen egg, truffle oil, japanese rice.  If you want to enjoy rice dish, we would recommend this menu without hesitation. The steak was tender and well-seasoned, topped with poached egg, made it even more irresistable.

Miso Cured Black Cod (IDR 85k) – 3-days marinated cod fish, pan roasted edamame and baby corn.  Black Cod is my favourite kind of fish for consumption. The meat gave a usually sweet buttery taste and tender and delicate texture, and the best one I had was prepared miso glazed, so I looked forward to get a taste of it badly.  I was told that to get better texture of a black cod, you need to marinate it at least 2 days.

The miso cured black cod here was good giving a buttery flavour and nice texture. I would prefer it to be a tad bit juicier as it will help provide a better overall eating experience of a black cod dish.

Ricotta Hotcakes (IDR 95k) – Homemade ricotta hotcakes, berries compote with maple syrup and vanilla ice cream.  This is absolutely my dessert of choice here. I love everything about it from the pancake texture and the combined taste from all its toppings.

Butter Cake with Miso Glazed (IDR 50k) – Warm butter cake with miso caramel glazed and vanilla ice cream.  This butter cake was enticing in terms of presentation. The texture of the butter cake was rather dense and heavy. The overall taste of this dessert was good.

Just one visit could not become a rock-steady judgement of worthiness, as in the case of all other restaurants and establishments that we visit, however I feel that I can convincingly say that the bistro has managed to gain merit in my book,  from value and dining experience stand point.



The East Tower
JL Lingkar Mega Kuningan Kav E3.2 No 1
Kuningan Timur, Setia Budi
Jakarta Selatan

P. +62 21 29527101

Opening Hours:
Daily 10am – 12am



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