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On any of our trip, we always manage to include cafes or restaurants that were popular more to the locals. Pho bo ga Mekong was one of those instances.  As recommended by an acquaintance of ours who has lived in Melbourne for a number of years, we chose to have our lunch at this Vietnamese cafe that specialises in original Vietnamese rice noodle soups.  It was located at the centre of Melbourne CBD on Swanston St, right between Lonsdale St. and Little Bourke St.

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Don’t be surprised if you found the place packed with guests, since it seemed to be the case on any day. When I came by, there were almost no more seats left, as we have to share a table with other guests.  Most of the visitors were Asians in race, with a few Caucasians.  Everyone seemed to be enjoying their Pho.

Pho is a popular soup from Vietnam, usually made from beef stock and other spices, to which noodles and thinly sliced beef or chicken are added. If you chose sliced beef, this menu is called Pho Bo. If you have it with chicken, it was called Pho Ga.  Besides selections of chicken and beef to go with Pho, they also offer their Pho with chargrilled chicken or pork chop, fish balls as well as vegetables. However, the original way and what I personally feel the best way to enjoy Pho is to have the noodle soup with a medium-rare sliced beef.

Pho with Sliced Beef (AUD 11.5)
mekong melbourne 2

Coconut Juice (AUD 4.0)
mekong melbourne 3

Besides Pho, they also serve other dishes like broken rice, vermicelli, rice paper rolls and spring rolls. Selections for broken rice, includes menu like Rice with chargrilled chicken and special chargrilled pork chop.

It was definitely the best Pho I had in Melbourne, and might probably keep me craving for more for the months to come. The sliced beef was so tender with a lightly-tasted beef soup and the refreshing hint of whiff and tang from the spices used.  I would surely visit it again the next time I was in the city. If you are going to visit Melbourne, I would suggest to put it on your must visit list.



241 Swanston St
Melbourne VIC 3000

P. +61 3 9663 3288

Opening Hours:
Daily 9am – 10pm


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