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SCBD, located at the far north border of South Jakarta, is the home to many white-collar workers occupying building structures in the area. There are quite a few cafes and restaurants popping out there to cater to the surrounding market.  One of them that I finally manage to try is The Dutch, one of the establishments by Union Group.

With its gastrobar concept, the Dutch opens from lunch time to late supper time serving wide array of menus that includes its extensive beer collections.  The Dutch, launched almost a year ago, inhabits the ground level space of a tower at Parc Place.  If you did not find any entrance to the complex by the main road, do not be confused. Just continue and turn left to reach the hidden back entrance to the complex.

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After I parked our ride, I went up to the building lobby on Tower E and went straight to The Dutch. As I entered and reached the reception table, I could sense the somewhat casual dining aura with a rich accent of classiness, a trait that I found and enjoyed in each establishments from the Group.

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They got seats by the bar for you who would enjoy a more casual pub vibe. Since I came in for lunch, I chose to seat by the regular dining tables to savour my meal.

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Coconut Ice Coffee (IDR 45k) – Milk in a glass jug, served with the frozen coffee and coconut in a glass.  Love the presentation of this supposedly simple coffee drink.

the dutch 19

Watermelon Spritzer (IDR 45k) – Watermelon and Mint Sodas, Pale ale syrup, Lemon bitters. A good and refreshing choice for ladies.

the dutch 20

Wagyu Pastrami (IDR 90k) – 7 minute egg, golden frill, fried capers, horseradish tonnato sauce, and grilled sourdough. Unique blend of taste from this tender pastrami dipped into horseradish tonnato sauce.  It was a good appetizer and could be shared for two.

the dutch 21

Parmesan Churros (IDR 55k) – with Goat Cheese Cream. Good texture on the churros, that was served on the plate drizzled with generous amount of grated parmesan cheese.  If you like goat cheese cream, you should also dip the churros on the cream to maximize the taste.  It was a lovely light snack.

the dutch 22

the dutch 23

Chicken Liver Pate (IDR 85k) – Blueberry Compote, Toasted Focaccia. The dish provided a bountiful portion of chicken liver pate, stored on the lower side of the jar right below the thin layer of blueberry compote.  Just spread both the blueberry and chicken liver on the focaccia and savour its unique taste.

the dutch 24

the dutch 25

Seared Scallop (IDR 75k) – Taliwang spices, cucumber, kemangi.  One of my favourites appetizer here. The taliwang spices on the scallop was spot on. The cucumber and kemangi gave the freshness touch to the dish.

the dutch 26

The Dutch Rijsttafel (IDR 110k) – Balinese beef rendang, Chicken sate lilit, Urap greens, Fried egg, Beef rind cracklings, Shrimp paste sambal. This traditional dish was transformed into a gourmet menu with fresh condiments.

the dutch 27

the dutch 28

The Dutch Sausage Platter (IDR 300k) – Rockwurst, Chorizo Pork Sausage, Lamb Merguez, Chicken Sausage, Mustard and Chilli Sauce.  This huge meaty portion is definitely not for the faint of heart. But if you love meat, this platter offered 4 selections of their sausage dishes that you can enjoy in one nicely-presented platter.

the dutch 29

the dutch 30

Grilled Cauliflower (IDR 40k) – with Edam cheese sauce. This side dish was a surprise. Simple dish with a big bang of flavour. We also love the texture of the grilled cauliflower.

the dutch 31

One Metre Beer (IDR 300k) – A special ‘tasting board’ of beers available on tap. Beer lovers would surely enjoy this 7-Glass Beer tasting board served on a wood container. The beer varied from the smooth Erdinger and creamy Kilkenny to the black Guinness. There were also Bintang, Heineken, and 1945.  I am not a black beer drinker per se, but the black Guinness here was truly a delight with its smooth and light taste.  If you come with your beer drinking buddies, this is a must try!

the dutch 32

the dutch 33

Poffertjes with Nutella and Banana (IDR 45k) – Love this sumptuous nutella and banana on this original looking poffertjes.

the dutch 34

It was such an extravagant lunch at The Dutch.  What I truly admire about Union Group is that they always put extra effort into making a unique and original menu while also turning a simple dish into sophisticated one with a relatively above average level on taste.  For that, I would surely visit time and time again any outlets they have launched and may open up in the future.

For best time to visit the Dutch, I would recommend to come around lunch time or late dinner time and savour their “good for both the eyes and taste buds” dishes.



18 Parc Place Tower E GF. SCBD
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52 – 53.
Senayan, Kebayoran Baru,
Jakarta Selatan

P. 021.5152828

Opening Hours:
Mon-Thu 11am – 1am
Fri-Sat 11am – 2am
Sun 11am – 12am



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