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If you are into bars and pubs you’ve probably heard of Eco Bar,Kemang. They’ve recently upgraded their establishment into a completely new place with new concept as bar, lounge and restaurant. Judging from the interior and exterior, Ecology has all the eco-friendly theme written all over. What I love about it is also the green house effect they have in here, lots of sunlight, earth color furniture and that cute giant flip number in front is to die for.

This restaurant has only opened around a month and their menu is quite limited. If you’re planning to come for lunch time, it’s best to make a reservation first because this place isn’t exactly ready for lunch. In fact I was informed that they’re currently open from 4 PM onwards.



Here’s what I ordered today:

Sesame Edamame (IDR 35.000): Japanese Edamame with sesame oil. This dish was just average, but a bit different than your usual plain edamame because of the sesame oil.

Sesame Edamame

Roasted Cauliflower Salad (IDR 40.000): Nicely roasted Cauliflowers with coconut milk foam and green sauce. Lovely, not overly seasoned and wasn’t boring at all.

Roasted Cauliflower Salad

Eco Burger (IDR 105.000): This burger tasted homemade, with salty beef patty, three mix cheeses, soft bread and served with Cassava chips. I give this dish 2 out of 5.

Eco Burger
Eco Burger

Fish and Chips (IDR 90.000): Large fried Dori fish fillet with fries and tartar sauce. The coating was a little too thick for me, the fish was good, love the extra crispy fries.

Fish and Chips

All brand new restaurants has their weaknesses and after my first visit to Ecology, I wasn’t convinced that this eatery has what it takes to quench the thirst for something different, but only time (and foodies) could tell.



Jl. Kemang Raya No.6 (Next to Aksara Kemang)
Kemang, South Jakarta

Phone: (021) 719 1032

Opening Hours:

Mon – Sun 4:00 PM onwards

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