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Armenian food is honestly a whole new experience for me. It’s exciting because mainly you can’t find any in Indonesia and secondly it reminds me of the most famous reality tv family in USA, the Kardashians! In fact this particular Armenian restaurant is the Kardashian’s favorite for many years. A brief info about the country, it’s actually pretty close to Turkey, so the food is somewhat similar. This restaurant has a homey feeling about it. Own and operated by an Armenian family, the place looks neat and thick with Armenian heritage. The waitress was very helpful and friendly too. FYI this is the original establishment since 1983, and they have another branch in Glendale area.



Petit Veggie Sampler for Two ($8.95): Tastings of Hammos (Smash cheakpeas, tahini, oil, lemon juice and garlic. Thick and smooth and creamy yummy!); Muttabal ( similar to the previous but made from Roasted Eggplants, garlic, sesame seed oil, tahini, and lemon juice); Muhammara (A spicy dip of crushed walnuts, red pepper paste and pomegranate); Tabbuleh (Chopped Parsley, cracked wheat, tomatoes, chickpeas and peppers); Sarma (A dish of grape, cabbage, monk’s rhubarb rolled around rice filling); plus Two Falafels.

Petit Veggie Sampler



Chicken Shawarma ($12.95): Broiled marinated chicken with lettuce, tomatoes, tahini and garlic sauce. The chicken meat was tender, fragrant and tasty. For those who unfamiliar with Tahini – it’s a condiment made from grounded hulled sesame seeds.

Chicken Shawarma



Hafleh Beiruti ($27.95): Two entrees of Beef (Lula) Kebab and Filet Shish Kebabs (Cubed beef filet mignon) with Hammos, Labneh Khaliji (yogurt cheese sauce) and a super delicious Rice and Bulgur Pilaf.

Hafleh Beiruti



My experience here at Carousel was amazing. I gain new insight and much more appreciation of homemade Middle Eastern cuisine. The staffs were very helpful and welcoming even to a newbie like me. Thanks Carousel, I will definitely come back for more.




5112 Hollywood Blvd #107
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Phone: (323) 660-8060

Opening Hours:

Closed on Mondays
Tue – Fri 11:30 AM – 9:15 PM
Saturday 10:30 AM – 10:15 PM


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