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I know there are so many Indonesian restaurants popping up like wild plants. But I just couldn’t resist the temptation of interesting new ones like Aromanis. As a brand new eatery somewhere around Menteng area, the place is easy to spot, with decent parking space and Valet parking service available. What I love about this place is that Aromanis has nice simple interior, with black big windows panels, good lighting and clean sleek feeling to it. The servers were also fast and attentive, but too bad some of the dishes on the menu has sold out.

Welcoming snack, the Selodok Singkong was crunchy salty, makes a perfect finger food.

Selodok Singkong

Iga Cobek Sambal Mercon (IDR 98.000): With the name ‘Mercon’, meaning Fireworks, you should prepare for extreme level of spiciness in this beef ribs dish. Sambal Cobek is a type of many Indonesian chili paste that they make using stone mortar and pestle. This beef is savory, tender and juicy, and you can tell just by seeing all the red chili padis they use how spicy it is. Delicious.

Iga Cobek Sambal Mercon


Iga Cobek Sambal Mercon

Pindang Bandeng Tulang Lunak (IDR 95.000): Indonesian Pindang fish cooked in pressure cooker which result in edable fishbones. The soup was a little too bland for my taste and the meat still has a fishy smell. Wasn’t my favorite.

Pindang Bandeng Tulang Lunak

Nasi Liwet Semarang (IDR 45.000): North Java style mixed rice with Curry chicken, sweet tofu, half boiled egg, Gudeg (cooked jack fruit with palm sugar and coconut milk), sambal, rice cracker, steamed rice and separated Santan (coconut milk) sauce. I love all the side dishes, with many different flavors and texture.

Nasi Liwet Semarang


Nasi Liwet Semarang

Hotplate Kangkung Tauco Udang (IDR 40.000): This water spinach with stir fried shrimps and chili was fresh, savory and perfectly cooked.

Hotplate Kangkung Tauco Udang

Kue Lumpur Kopyor (IDR 50.000): Soft, moist, delicious Indonesian mud cake, with super yummy (but so little) coconut icecream. A true local delicacy!

Kue Lumpur Kopyor


Kue Lumpur Kopyor

I love what Aromanis has offered, wasn’t all perfect but the good ones were memorable and worth to come back for.

Jl. Johar No.1
Central Jakarta

Phone. (021) 2239 0550

Opening Hours:
Mon – Sun 10.00 AM – 10:00 PM

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