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Bar and lounges aren’t something new to us, but the one with the view of Jimbaran beach?  Now that’s something I was excited about. You might have heard about the hype on Bali’s newest Movenpick Resort and Spa. This grand hotel is connected to Samasta Village, an outdoor mall with lots of things to offer, and there is where you can find Above Eleven Restaurant. This Bangkok originated restaurant is located on the 8th floor. The entrance of little maze like pathway was fun and different. As soon as I was in, I was starstrucked. The view on the top was breathtaking, the restaurant was spacey with bar in the middle and lovely seating areas. Kids are welcome here too as a lot of families enjoying the surroundings.


Virgin Moscow Mule (IDR 40.000): Mix of ginger beer, lime and soda water. So refreshing.

Virgin Moscow Mule


About the food here, they focused on Japanese Peruvian – Nikkei cuisine.

Quinoa Salad (IDR 115.000): Quinoa, red cabbage, carrots, cucumber, pumpkin seeds tomatoes, quail eggad and Feta dressing. Fresh salad with simple dressing.

Quinoa Salad

Beef Empanada (IDR 70.000): Baked pastry filled with rump beef, onions, olives, quail eggs and raisins. Similar to Indonesian ‘Pastel’ this one has fairly thick skin, but tasty. The filling has curry like flavor.

Beef Empanada
Beef Empanada

Chicarron de Calamari (IDR 135.000): Crispy, fresh calamari, lovely tartar sauce.

Chicarron de Calamari
Calamari condiments

Lomo Saltado (IDR 320.000): Sauteed Australian beef with onions, tomatoes, red chili, coriander, potato wedges and rice. The beef was tender, needed a little bit of seasoning but otherwise good.

Lomo Saltado

Salmon Antichuco Roll (IDR 110.000): 8 pieces of Salmon, Wasabi, Antichuco sauce, Chimichurri sauce and Cucumber. Good filling, should’ve been a good one if the  sushi rice wasn’t disappointingly fell apart and too soft.

Salmon Antichuco Roll

Spider Roll (IDR 95.000): Soft shell crab, tobiko, mayo, teriyaki sauce, cucumber. Same rice problem, although it was tasty.

Spider Roll

Spaghetti Criollo (IDR 115.000): Clams, red chili, garlic, bacon, parmesan cheese. Loving all elements of this dish. The pasta was al dente, the clams were fresh and the soup like sauce was sweet, savory and deep in flavor.

Spaghetti Criollo



Above Eleven has beautiful view, excellent vibe but mediocre food. I would recommended this place mostly for hanging out.





Above Eleven

Samasta Village at Movenpick Resort and Spa
Jl. Wanagiri No.1
Jimbaran, South Kuta
Bali – 80361

Phone: 0811 3860 402

Opening Hours:

Mon -Sun 3:00 PM – Midnight

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