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As I passed the Blok M area heading back to Central Jakarta, I noticed an interesting looking cafe by the street of Patiunus. I decided to drop by and have a light snack and coffee since it was during a mid late afternoon. There is a parking area by the side of the cafe right in front of a tennis court.

The indoor area of the cafe is quite small with capacity around 20 pax. The open air area on each side is just a bit bigger.  The industrial look on its exterior and interior was consistent and it blended wonderfully with the nature from the surrounding grassy trees.  Even on a regularly hot day of Jakarta, it felt a bit cooler than usual, probably because of the sheltering trees and fish ponds on the side.

walking drums 1

walking drums 2

Seatings on the outdoor area vary from tables to a bar table facing the inside area of the cafe.  I think they did a good job in terms of the seatings lay out and the ambiance created for a laid back concept cafe.

walking drums 3

walking drums 4

The ordering procedure was a bit like the currently trending coffee shop as they took order from the bar that also served as a pantry. Looking from the black board behind the cashier, we can see that they offer varieties of menu from pizza, pasta, bubur ayam to nasi goreng. They also served several other menus as well from the paper-based menu.

walking drums 6

walking drums 7

walking drums 8

walking drums 9

walking drums 5

walking drums 10

walking drums 11

Cappuccino – IDR 30k

walking drums 12

Korean Style Burger – IDR 65k – The korean-style beef on the burger was tender and seasoned well.

walking drums 13

walking drums 14

Pho Beef Brisket and Oxtail – IDR 70k

walking drums 15

Ayam Suwir Bumbu Rujak – IDR 35k – This menu was definitely simple like one that you can find anywhere, but I feel that it was prepared with maintained certain quality that matched the level of the cafe itself. I like this dish especially the flavour I got from all of the condiments.

walking drums 16

Walking Drums is a simple cafe slash coffee shop that serves decent food and coffee in a cozy yet modern place.  That is some of the needed cocktails to make a sustainable cafe. Good job on that.


Jl. Patiunus Blok F4
P: 021 27515536
HP: 0811 111 6151

Opening Hours:
Mon – Sun from 8am – 10pm

Instagram // Website

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