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If you are looking for Thai restaurant in Bandung, there are only a small batch of them that you can choose from. In fact, you don’t need your fingers from your feet to count it. And it was even less than that a few months ago before the opening of this rather new Thai restaurant with a unique and uncommon concept.

Located in the vicinity of kosambi area, a rather unlikely spot for a restaurant, Talad Thai opened its doors late last year to serve Thai dishes to the visitors. When I got there first time around, I was a bit surprised with how un-Thai-ly the building exterior was. It was just different from a few thai restaurant I used to visit. The exterior was painted with many colours, which I personally feel that it was more like Mexican building to me. On the right-side of the building, there was a neat looking volkswagen combi, operating as a separate kombi cafe serving some snacks and coffee.

talad thai 1

talad thai 2

talad thai 3

I kinda like the interior concept that they have here. It felt more fun and vibrant. And most importantly, it has some instagrammable spots 😍  The walls, windows and doors on each room were painted in different colours. A colour symphony is truly at play here.  They use both modern and traditional approach on the furnitures and fixtures. Some chairs are made of rattan and some of wood. The lamp on some rooms were constructed from cloth and rattan while others from some kind of metal used often in industrial decor.

talad thai 4

talad thai 5

talad thai 6

talad thai 7

talad thai 8

talad thai 9

talad thai 10

If you are into outdoor dining setting, this cafe has a big garden area filled with seating areas among trees and plants. There are also a few playground equipment such as swings on two different sides of the complex.

talad thai 11

talad thai 12

talad thai 13

talad thai 14

talad thai 15

As I checked out its quite extensive menu, we found a few dishes that I liked so we decided to give it a try.

Poh Peah Paak – crispy vegetarian thai style spring roll – 3 pcs (IDR 15k) – I liked the crispiness of the skin and the taste of what inside it. When you dipped it into the sauce, it made it even more appetizing.

talad thai 18

Pad Thai Goong – Thai rice noodle stir fried with tamarind sauce (IDR 42k) – This pad thai was alright with tofu, sprouts and prawns on top. The portion was quite big.

talad thai 17

Chicken Pandan Leaf  / Kai Hor By Thoey – juicy deep fried boneless chicken pieces marinated and wrapped in pandan leaves 3 pcs (IDR 35k) – This is the definition of yum to me. The smell from pandan leaves and the tenderness of the chicken meat was sublime. This would make another appetizer here that I liked.

Thai Red Curry / Gaeng Ped – chicken (IDR 42k)

talad thai 20

Thai Green Curry / Gaeng Keow Wan – Thai green curry of ground chillies and exotic spices – chicken (IDR 42k) –

Both red and green curries are quite tasty with the right thickness of the curry broth. The chicken, carrot and everything else was properly cooked.

talad thai 22

Pla Lad Prik – deep fried whole fish fried with thai herb and sweet sour chili paste (IDR 42k) – The fish meat was tenderly cooked, however I feel that the outside is not deep-fried enough and the blend of herbs is somewhat lacking in a kick.

talad thai 19

Thai Noodle Soup – bihun beef (IDR 46k)

talad thai 23

Roti Bong (IDR 25k) – Now this is what I call dessert. This thai dessert, using canai skin as part of its serving and drizzled with  chocolate, was truly a delight. The taste and texture was great.

talad thai 21

Thai Sticky Rice with Durian Sauce (IDR 24k)

talad thai 25

My verdict for this thai cafe was quite positive. With a nice twist of modern and traditional blend in its interior concept, plus the overall nice thai cuisine and some great ones, I would give this Thai cafe a chance by visiting it whenever I had cravings on Thai dishes.

talad thai 16

Jl. Terate No. 12

Operational Hours:
Daily 7am – 10pm

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