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Sushi Masa is probably one of the most talked about Japanese seafood restaurant in Jakarta. Even though the location wasn’t easy to reach, it didn’t stop us food lovers to go there. This place specializes in authentic Japanese cuisine (and some additional fusion cuisine) with supposedly the freshest seafood you could possibly get in Jakarta and we were therefore doubly excited to check it out. It is surprisingly nice looking, considering the humble location with Muara Baru surroundings. The three stories building is like a heaven for crustacean lovers, the first floor is Norwegian Seafood Store. A seafood mart with many kinds of frozen imported goodies you can possibly laid your hands on.

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The third floor is where Sushi Masa is. A typical Japanese restaurant with sushi bar and wooden wall partitions.

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We didn’t make any reservation before hand, so we got seats in Shabu Masa 5th floor instead, which was fine because we can order from either menu anyway. This floor is larger with private rooms available.

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After going through a pile of menus,from Omakase,Yakitori, sushi,sashimi,and many more, we finally decided on these:

Spaghetti King Crab (IDR 120.000): Spaghetti with creamy sauce and small pieces of King Crab leg. The sauce was thick, flavorful, a little too creamy and not enough crab legs for my taste.


Spicy Salmon Hanaroll (IDR 70.000): Three pieces of sushi with grilled salmon and spicy creamy sauce on top. The sushi rice was firm and delicious and most importantly didn’t overpower the salmon. The salmon was excellent and the sauce was fantastic.


US Beef Yakiniku (IDR 70.000): I wasn’t fond of this dish because the meat was tough and   smelled odd. Although the Yakiniku sauce was good. I guess we’d better stick with the seafood selection.


Seabass Batayaki (IDR 180.000): Super fresh sea bass fillet with Butter Yaki sauce. The buttery sauce also complimented the succulent fish. I couldn’t get enough of it.


Maguro Suke Sashimi (IDR 20.000): Tuna sashimi with beautiful jewel red color, you can see the freshness at the first sight, and it melted in your mouth. Delicious!


Black Cod Teriyaki (IDR 140.000): Fillet of Black Cod fish with teriyaki sauce and salad on the side. This one was also a winner. Crispy skin with fresh white fish flesh inside. Truly a delight!

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Hokkaido Fuwafuwa Mochi – Ogura (IDR 25.000): One piece of Japanese mochi with ogura/red bean filling. It has a tasty red bean paste filling and nice soft mochi skin.


Half Peach Sherbet (IDR 70.000): A nice sweet and sour Peach fruit and cream sherbet to close the meal. Pretty setting inside a real peach.


I was happily stuffed with Sushi Masa’s delicious seafood today. The many other selections wasn’t possibly consumed by just a pair of us, so I’ll definitely come back with more army of foodies and order the rest of Sushi Masa’s fresh catch menu.

Sushi Masa

Jl. Tuna Raya 5 No.3-4F
North Jakarta

Phone: (021) 2926 3561

Opening Hours:

Mondays Closed

Tue – Thur
Lunch 11:30 AM – 2:00 PM
Dinner 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Fri – Sun
Lunch 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Dinner 3:30 PM – 10:00 PM

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