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One weekend I had a love affair with seafood  at Sulawesi restaurant in Kemang. Sulawesi is an island East of Indonesia, where seafood is their specialities. The Sulawesi restaurant is very big with many private rooms, separate smoking and non-smoking area, and large second floor for huge party with dance floor. They even have dance classes here if you are interested. I was quite impressed to see the many selection of dishes they have here, from the sambals to the all kind of seafood you can think of. The menu is also very informative and specific, down to the kid-friendly dishes.

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Because there are only the two of us, I couldn’t ordered too much dishes, and settled on these instead:

Tuturuga Crab (IDR 416.500): Manadonese version of curry crab. The giant Sulawesi crab was fresh, with plenty of meat. The curry sauce was wonderful. Rich, fragrant, spicy. Really good.

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Lobster Rica Rica Tom Yam (IDR 179.000): Fusion of Manado and Thai flavors. Two bigger local Lobsters and one small one. Fresh catch, the soup was mostly Tom Yum flavor with a hint of Rica Rica/Manadonese sambal. Personally I like it a lot. Spicy, sour, really hit the spot.


Baby  Duo Miao Ebi Jimbaran (IDR 45.000): Stir fried Baby Dou Miao in sweet shrimp paste. I think this dish was bland, the seasonings were mostly sweet and doesn’t do any justice.

S18a S16a

Es Kacang Merah (IDR 25.000): Favorite Manadonese dessert. The main thing of this dish of course is the red beans and this one was fantastic. Nice texture, had the right sweetness, delicious.

S19a S20a

Meal at Sulawesi restaurant wasn’t cheap but the quality and the taste was taken seriously and I personally quite satisfied and will come back for more.


Sulawesi at Kemang

Jl. Kemang Selatan Raya 2A
South Jakarta – 12560

Phone: (021) 7883 3170

Opening Hours:
Mon – Sun 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM

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