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Occupying a small house at Dr. Rajiman street of Bandung, Roemah Goeling aka RoeGoel opened its doors to public on mid January 2016.  Embarking on the success of its sister cafe, Kenken Bigul, earlier last year, they launched RoeGoel to provide visitors with a special dishes of grilled muttons. Despite the fact that it was created by the same owner as Bigul, this latest venture only offers halal meats that includes lambs/muttons, beef and chicken.

Goeling or Guling is an Indonesian word that means rolling. It is referring to how the whole meat was prepared on a skewer above the fire and grilled slowly by rolling the skewer to get a balanced roast on the meat.

roegoel 1

roegoel 2

The dining area is quite spacey with tables set on several dining sections.  I like the area that allows direct sun light to enter so I chose the backyard behind the building. The walls here are covered with murals and white window panels.

roegoel 3

roegoel 4

They also have an additional dining area in the front with glass windows surrounding it.

roegoel 5

roegoel 6

I tried two glasses of drinks, which were Sexy Autumn (IDR 17,2k) and Maracuja Daiquiry (IDR 19,4k) to accompany the meal.

roegoel 7

For food, I had Nasi Kambing Singaraja (IDR 39,6k), Nasi Roegoel (IDR 39,6k) and Nasi Goreng Rempah (IDR 35,2k).

A plate of Nasi Kambing Singaraja offers rice, slices of muttons and fried beef baso, a skewer of lamb satay, a mix of balinese-style vegetable (usually called “lawar”), beef skin crackers (or here we called “dorokdok”), some peanuts and raw vegetables on the side.  Quite generous huh. This one is my favourite.  All elements taste good and make the perfect balance. The lawar and muttons are superb.

Nasi Roegoel, on the other hand, provides all of that with the additional sliced omelette and of course with the added spicy bang on the mix of muttons.  Nasi Roegoel is actually one of their signature dish. Must try.

roegoel 8

roegoel 9

roegoel 10

roegoel 11

Nasi Goreng Rempah is a fried rice cooked with mutton meat and blends of spices. I like the fried rice because it was quite different that the regular fried rice that I have tried before. My companion that day, a somewhat fried rice devotee I might add, agreed and he believed that it was one well-seasoned fried rice with a peculiar taste, but in a good way. He finished almost the whole plate by himself if I haven’t tried a few spoonfuls myself.

roegoel 12

In the middle of the meal session, we decided to place an additional order of Beef Trilogy since it came quite highly recommended as well.  The beef came separated in a three containers plate, as you can see below. The blend of seasoning on each was different. I tried all of them and found them to be nicely executed. The beef was tender with good mix of taste.

roegoel 13

To me, RoeGoel delivers a nice and tasty dishes based specifically on muttons as well as beef and chicken. The boldness of the kitchen team to use various spices for the dish is the key to their delectable food execution. Keep up the good work!


Roemah Goeling (RoeGoel)
Jl. Dr. Rajiman 17

P. +62 22 420.4721

Operational Hours:
Daily 11 AM – 10:00 PM


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