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This incidental visit to Plataran Dharmawangsa on work-related matter, allowed me to experience this establishment with ethnic Javanese inclination. The exterior and interior of the place were dominated with lumber-crafted fixtures resulting in an elegant dining atmosphere with strong Javanese nobility feeling to it.

The vast front yard area is grassy with a stone pathway to the restaurant. The garden was filled with white dove roaming around. They provide several outdoor tables in front of the restaurant building and on the side of the pathway. As Plataran serves as both venue and restaurant, I would assume that the rest of the area is made as part of the venue.


plataran 1

plataran 2

plataran 3

You can see here that the authentic javanese building was extended on both sides with black-coloured aluminium frame doors and windows. The combination works well without compensating the original ethnic theme of the place.

plataran 4

plataran 5

plataran 6

I truly love the nature that surrounds this establishment from plants, grassy yard, dove on the grass, bright coloured birds in several areas of the venue.

plataran 7

plataran 8

plataran 9

plataran 10

This is the main dining area inside the centre building with doorways to both sides to the area with glass and steel-reinforced ceiling. As I need natural lighting to get a nice shot for the food, I chose the area to the right.

plataran 11

plataran 12

plataran 13

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The visit that turned into a lunch session started with a welcome snack bowl from Plataran, consisting of potato, cassava and purple sweet potato chips, followed by Jade Soup (IDR 49k) of spinach and shimeji. The soup, unfortunately, was a bit bland for my taste, nothing special though.

plataran 27

One of their signature dish is Ayam Dharmawangsa (IDR 95k). This fried chicken served with mango salad delivered a nicely executed dish. I think however that they put too much mango on the plate that it overpowered the whole chicken dish. The taste was desirable though.

plataran 28

plataran 29

The last but proven to be the champion of the lunch was Shimeji Telur Asin (IDR 65k).  This shimeji mushroom fried with salted egg flour mixture was delectable. The balanced of taste was spot on. I would recommend this any day. Love it!

plataran 30

For the drinks, we ordered Banyan Dex juice drink (IDR 47.5k), Es Kelapa Muda (IDR 35k) and Kunyit Asem (IDR 49.5k).

plataran 31
Plataran Dharmawangsa Venue and Dining
Jl. Dharmawangsa Raya No. 6
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
P: +62 21 290 44 167

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