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When you talk about Pizza, there might be no person on earth who doesn’t know what Pizza is. Well I maybe exaggerating a bit, but my point is that Pizza is probably one of the most globally-known type of food in the world. There are quite a few types of Pizza that I have the pleasure to try, such as calzone, thin and crispy new york-style pizza, and a thicker most-consumed version of Pan Pizza, which I personally like the most.

On one occasion several weeks ago, I visited Riau Junction, located on Riau aka L.L.RE. Martadinata street, close to the intersection between Dago street and Merdeka street, for groceries shopping with friends. After we were done with the shopping, we looked for something easy to refuel ourselves and the choice fell on a pizza counter on the front side of the building facing Riau street. It is called Magic Pizza, a Pizza brand created by Yogya group.

magic pizza 1

The counter might be small, but the selection of menu there was quite extensive. From CYO (Create Your Own) Pizza, to its Signature Pizza and Dessert Pizza and also other side menu such as Toast, Pasta, Panini and Light meals.

Since this is my first time trying Magic Pizza, we experimented with several CYO Pizzas. For the base, we can choose between pan/thin/crispy for Medium size and only pan/thin for Personal size. As for the sauce, we can pick either tomato or barbeque or carbonara. This CYO Pizza which already includes mozzarella cheese and 3 kind of veggies choice is offered at IDR 15k for Personal size and IDR 35k for Medium size. You can always have additional toppings at additional costs.

The visit was soon turned into a pizza party of some kind since we had a whole lot from their menu.

magic pizza 6
Personal Pan Pizza with tomato base, chicken sausage and pineapple (IDR 15k + 5k) – I always thought that sausage and pineapple would go well together on a pizza bed and I was right. The sweetness of pineapple blended well with the tastiness of the sausage.

magic pizza 10
Dessert Pizza with peach (IDR 18.5k)

magic pizza 2
Medium Pan Pizza with tomato base and extra cheese (IDR 35k + 8k) – This has always been my all-time favorite in terms of pizza flavor. I like the taste blend of tomato sauce and the cheese on a soft dough of pizza.

If you don’t want the hassle of creating your pizza version, you can also select from their Signature Pizza menu, which includes 8 interesting choices from Veggie Garden Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza, Hawaii Pizza, Margarita Pizza, Carbonara Pizza, Tuna Pizza, Beef Relative Pizza and Cheezy Bite Pizza.

magic pizza 3
Pepperoni Pizza (IDR 37.5k) – Pizza with pepperoni meat and cheese.

magic pizza 4
Cheezy Bite Pizza (IDR 49.5k) – Pizza with melted cheese and sausage on the sides. The cheesy bites on the side was fluffy and rich with flavor. However, I still like the pan crusted one.

magic pizza 5
Carbonara Pizza (IDR 45k) – Pizza with carbonara sauce topped with smoked beef and slices of boiled egg.

To accompany your pizza fiesta with friends, you can select these sides to share.

magic pizza 7
Mozarella Wedges (IDR 18.5k) – wedges with cheese will never go wrong.

magic pizza 14
Bockwurst Sausage (IDR 12.5k)

magic pizza 8
Pizza Ball Cheese (IDR 17.5k)

magic pizza 9
Bolognaise Pasta (IDR 22.5k)

magic pizza 11
Choco Peanut Butter Toast (IDR 14.5k)

magic pizza 12
One of their dessert pizza, Choco Lava (IDR 17.5k)

magic pizza 13

At the end of this pizza craze, I came to a conclusion that Magic Pizza serves decent quality pizza at a highly reasonable price. With the many selections offered and the options to create your own pizza, you can explore your own preferences and have your pizza your way. I believe that was the biggest plus point provided by this particular Pizza brand.

If you are in the proximity to any of its outlets, do try and have a fun pizza craze like we do.


Riau Junction
Jalan L.L.RE. Martadinata no 17
Bandung – Indonesia

Other locations: Yogya Sunda – Yogya Ciwalk – Griya BuBat – Griya Pahlawan – Yogya Kepatihan – Foodlife Pahlawan – Yogya Banjaran – Cherbon Junction

Other location in Bandung:
-Riau Junction
-Yogya Sunda
-Yogya Ciwalk
-Griya Buah Batu,
-Griya Batununggal
-Yogya Kepatihan
-Foodlife Pahlawan
-RS. Borromeus

Cirebon: Cherbon Junction

Majalengka: Yogya Majalengka

Banjaran: Yogya Banjaran

Cicalengka: Yogya Cicalengka

Tegal: Yogya Tegal

Bogor: Yogya Dramaga, Bogor Junction



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