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Have you tried or at least heard about Mouton, the hip open air lamb grill cafe from Bandung? This cafe has just started to branch out and opened another outlet in Kelapa Gading, Jakarta early this month.

I came by to try the new outlet, Mouton Slice and Grill, on its second day of launching. The place has both outdoor and indoor sections. The indoor will occupy two levels of the building. However, the 2nd story of the building was not ready yet at the time. I chose to sit inside considering the pollution of the city.

moton kelapa gading 1

moton kelapa gading 2

Each table has hole in the center to be equipped with coal bracket to grill the lamb, or whatever meat you ordered. I was told that the brackets were prepared early before opening hours, and would be replaced with a new one after each use.

On one side of the wall, there was a wall decoration in the shape of a sheep, showing that lamb is the signature dish here.

moton kelapa gading 3

moton kelapa gading 4

Even without a cafe signage at the time since it was not ready yet, causing us to miss it earlier, the place was already quite packed with visitors and there were some reservations as well.

moton kelapa gading 5

To get the idea of the menu here, we tried several dishes with different protein selection.

Lamb – Jumbo Signature Lamb Leg – IDR 450k
The lamb was tender and juicy. It’s our favourite. Took a bit more effort to eat as we have to cut and grill the meat ourselves. But hey, that’s the idea right, making eating is not just about eating but also an experience.

moton kelapa gading 6

moton kelapa gading 7

We were given four types of sauce. I took favor on the chili soysauce plus a dip into chillo powder for the lamb. You have to dip it in the sauce to get the optimal taste.

The nectarine tastes good and fresh probably due to its fruit ingredients.  The buttery sauce provided with lamb leg on rice dish was quite alright.  The black one for the skewers, a mix of shoyu, honey, sesame oil and drizzled of sesame, was the least of my favorite.

moton kelapa gading 10

moton kelapa gading 11

moton kelapa gading 12

moton kelapa gading 13

moton kelapa gading 14

Beef – Slow Roasted Ribs – IDR 249k
The taste was fine. The meat were easy to get off the bone.

moton kelapa gading 8

moton kelapa gading 9

Chicken – Chicken Thigh – IDR 21.5k
The chicken meat was soft and easy to digest. The taste was quite alright.

I think Mouton provided us with unique menu and distinctive experience. That’s why it was such a success in Bandung. A great destination option for meat lovers of Jakarta.


MOUTON Slice & Grill
Jl. Boulevard Raya Blok RA 11 No. 18-19
Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara

Operational Hours:
Daily 6 pm – 12 pm

P. 021 22452036 / 08128833151


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