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For me, a holiday in Hong Kong would not be complete without walking around the streets of Central, the CBD area of the city. On one such day, after a long walk shopping for knick knacks, we were looking for lunch and we quickly set our mind to try a quite legendary tea house that was opened in 1933. The tea house was known for its great Hong Kong fare and art deco interior.

A few metres from the restaurant, the rain dropped its mother nature load, so we have to take shelter on the side of Stanley street for a couple of minutes before continuing the walk.  As the rain simmered down, we proceeded to the restaurant. When I arrived, the seat was all occupied on the ground floor, so I went to the second floor to look for tables.  We were lucky to find one empty table there, as it was also quite crowded on that floor.  Even though I’m not into Chinese culture and interior, I can appreciate and enjoy this particular tea house. It gave me a feeling like I’m in one of the movie of the old Hong Kong. It just felt urban yet retro.

luk yu tea house 1

This is the inside of the ground floor. I took the liberty to get a shot of it despite the uncle’s hand gestures that loudly said no photograph tongue Well, sorry uncle, but if you google Luk Yu Tea House, you will undoubtedly see that the shot I was taking wouldn’t be considered forbidden.

luk yu tea house 2

The interior view of the second floor.
luk yu tea house 3

luk yu tea house 4

Since Luk Yu was widely popular for its great Dim Sum menu, we ordered some of the common dim sum items such as Siu Mai, Hakaw and Ca Siu Bao with price for dim sum ranging from HK$46 – HK$98.  If you cannot read chinese words like me, no worries since they also have menu with pictures and english name.

Shrimp and Pork Dumplings
luk yu tea house 5

Fresh Shrimp Dumplings
luk yu tea house 6

Pork Meat Buns
luk yu tea house 9

Sweet Glutinous Dumpling
luk yu tea house 10

As expected, their dim sum food were not disappointing at all. In fact, they could be considered as one of the better ones that I have ever tried.  We also tried two of their Noodle dish, fried rice and bird’s nest soup. I think all were seasoned well as Guang Dong dish should be. The price for these dishes were between HK$200-250.

Seafood Noodle
luk yu tea house 7

Minced Beef Noodle
luk yu tea house 11

Yang Chow Fried Rice
luk yu tea house 8

Bird’s Nest Soup
luk yu tea house 12

I enjoyed the overall lunch experience there, with strong adoration towards the retro urban oriental ambience that I was basked in during the visit. The service provided was good, despite one missed order of bird’s nest soup that came really late after the whole meal were finished. One downside I feel is that it was rather overpriced considering everything that we got. HK$35/person for chinese tea was quite startling, wouldn’t you think so? (for your information, the conversion rate at the time was HK$1 = Rp. 1.700).


24-26 Stanley Street
Hong Kong

P: +852 2523 5464
Opening Hours:
Daily 7am – 11pm


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