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At UrbanOuteaters, we write independent reviews on restaurants, hotels, and other related lifestyle subjects that each of us encounter in our life. As we do it independently, we sometimes make assessments on identical subject, such as the case with Attarine, the new establishment from Potato Head Group, previously reviewed not too long ago by my fellow eater, Posh Eater.

Well, I think additional information and second opinion wouldn’t hurt right? smile. Here is my point of view of this recently opened and the currently hip hangout spot of Jakarta socialites. When I got there, the few parking spots available in front of the venue was already full, but, like most restaurants in Senopati-Gunawarman strip, they provide valet parking services. So if you are fine with leaving your car with valet attendant, you got nothing to worry about.




Upon entering the front door of this establishment, the greeter quickly escorted us to a table for two in the far right corner of the dining hall. I glanced around to get a global view of the venue. This one storey building with a rather high ceiling of around 4 metre something, combined with the exposed roof, made this dining area feel airy and spacey. The hung plant decor placed in between the lamps created a natural ambiance that I adore.




With small pantry area on the left side, a long open kitchen area on the right side, and an antique greenish car in the middle of the room, surrounded by dining tables, the interior of Attarine was quite original and noteworthy. Of course, eventually, what really matters is the atmosphere established by the combination of its decor elements.


In one corner of the open kitchen, there was a natural wood-fired grill and oven by the white brick wall to process some of their menu. Based on their current menu, there were several dishes offered using wood fired method such as wood-fired broccoli, wood-fired baby corn, and wood fired whole fish white snapper.




The outdoor area in front of the restaurant with only a few tables are the only smoking area provided. And judging by the coffee menu presented on wood panel covering the windows, the area was devised more for smokers, who would enjoy coffee and cigarette as their after-meal ritual.










The lunch session started out with Veggie and Cheese Sourdough Toast (IDR 65k) – rye bread topped with fresh cheese, radishes, cucumbers and herbs, and Fish + Beetroot on Sourdough Toast (IDR 85k) – rye bread topped with poached fish, beetroot, cashew spread and dill. These two beautiful appetizers was a delight for both the eyes and palates. I like the texture of the toasts and the taste elevated by its toppings.



Selections of pickles (IDR 25k)

Eggplant on Sourdough Toast (IDR 45k) – sesame sourdough topped with roasted eggplant and fried garlic. This one topped the previous two in terms of sumptuous look and tastiness. Great food creation from the kitchen.



Merquez Meatballs (IDR 145k) – Served on a skillet, this lamb choice was quite interesting. The meatballs was easy on the bites. The taste with a stronger hint of lamb meat neutralized by the white sauce poured on top of the meatballs. If you like less lamb taste on your lamb dish, the server there recommended me another lamb dish, Fried Lamb Ribs (IDR 180k), which I intend to try on my next visit.



Wood-fired Whole Fish White Snapper (IDR 325k) – I would say that this menu is the embodiment of the spice route that Attarine embarked on. The use of spices both stuffed inside and sprinkled outside made this fish dish special. The fish itself was fresh and wood fired just right. Love it! Paired with a brut blanc sparkling champagne from Italy, Villa Sandi, made it the highlight of my lunch session that day.



Vanilla Pannacotta (IDR 45k) – Look at that presentation. Love every little detail of it. The texture was that of a pannacotta, a bit gooey but soft.


Banoffee Pie – a deconstructed pie. Taste-wise, this is hands off my favourite dessert from Attarine. Having the elements of this pie separated like this allows us to create our own scoop of banoffee pie, with different balance of banana, caramel and chocolate.


Jamu Royal (IDR 50k) – turmeric, tamarind, honey, lemon juice, carrot and ginger beer. As previously stated on one of my review, I am a sucker for Jamu herbal drinks. That’s why my choice of drinks fell on this captivating one.

Iced Coffee


Overall, I found this new establishment to be quite refreshing both in ambiance and the menu offered. The details they put into it was elaborate and well-thought. I like most of the dishes I had and would look forward to try other menus on my next encounter there.


Jalan Gunawarman No.11 A
Selong, Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan

P. 021.22771256

Opening Hours:
Sun-Wed 11am–4pm / 6pm-11pm
Thu-Sat 11am-4pm / 6pm-1am



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