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Kila Kila by Akasya is a newly opened Indonesian restaurant in SCBD area. You might have heard of their catering service Akasya and their other joint Akasya Express-Kemang. Kila Kila is mostly their step up – higher end dining place, with the food that they do best: authentic Indonesian cuisine. No matter what your mood is, the interior of Kila Kila immediately cheers you up. Their wall of yellow and white mini windmills took you to that childish, fun and imaginative world. Mirrored ceiling full of varieties of cages were also made the place full of enchantment. What I love about this place is also their attentive and fast service despite the busy hour. Let’s see how the food reflected the restaurant.

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Bakwan Jagung
Bakwan Jagung

Bakwan Jagung (IDR 25.000): Two piece of Indonesian corn cakes. Crunchy, total comfort food.

Tahu Brontak
Tahu Brontak

Tahu Brontak (IDR 30.000): Fried tofu with veggie filling. The tofu was a little sour but overall was okay.

Rawon Iga Komplit

Rawon Iga Komplit (IDR 95.000): Short ribs blackened soup with caramelized shallot, sliced celery, salted egg, mung bean sprout, shrimp cracker and spring onion on top. The broth was fragrant full.

Ayam Bakar
Ayam Bakar Kalio

Ayam Bakar Kalio (IDR 70.000): Grilled chicken in Padang style. Succulent, deep flavored chicken.

Lidah Bakar Cabe Ijo
Lidah Bakar Cabe Ijo

Lidah Bakar Cabe Ijo (IDR 115.000): Grilled ox tongue cooked in green chili sambal. The tongue was cooked nicely, seasoned well, overall delicious dish.

Gurame Acar Kuning
Gurame Acar Kuning

Gurame Acar Kuning (IDR 145.000): Deep fried fish in sweet and sour turmeric candlenut sauce with cucumber, carrot, chili padi, shallot, and red tomatoes. Crunchy, tangy and yummy to the end.

Udang Goreng Telur Asin
Udang Goreng Telor Asin

Udang Telor Asin (IDR 85.000): Fried prawn with salted egg yolk. The prawns were fresh. Loved the crunchy coating.

Es Teler
Es Teler

Es Teler (IDR 45.000): Young coconut flesh, black grass jelly, diced fruits, avocado, fermented cassava, jackfruit, full cream milk, served with crushed ice. A lovely dessert to end a lovely meal.

A combination of good food, nice ambience and affordable price is a rare in South Jakarta. Kila Kila by Akasya delivers all that elements and has became one of my favorite local restaurant in the area.



Kila Kila by Akasya

SCBD – Gedung Lot.4, 7th Floor
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53
South Jakarta

Phone: (021) 514 01484 / 0812 9857 3577

Opening Hours:

Mon-Sun 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM


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  1. Indonesian food has known as one of the best culinary in the world for its taste and balance in rich flavour. Rich in flavour, a perfect harmony in the heart of Jakarta, Kila Kila is a perfect place to enjoy your time, even on a short break.

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