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Just opened a week ago on May 12, Hello Kitty-themed cafe called Hello Kitty Orchid Garden was flocked by many Singaporeans and travellers from other countries. Having the globally-known character as its mascot, of course, has its perks. This first 24-hour Hello Kitty cafe in the world, has been receiving lots of visitors and long queue lines since opening.

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Since I did not know where exactly the cafe is located at the time, I went through a rather long walk to find it. As I just arrived on Terminal 1 of the airport, I went straight to T3 through a 15 minutes walk. But, alas, once I got there and asked around, I was told that I need to go through the immigration first to get there. Since I arrived at T1, I had to go back there and went through the immigration to be able to grab my luggage before I could go to Terminal 3 using SkyTrain to T3. Once you got to T3, just look for an elevator to get down one level to the arrival hall on Level 1. There you will see the cute cafe.

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When I got there, there was a rather long queue. But since my curiosity got the best of me, I dragged my companions to accompany me despite the wait. The interior was predominantly white with orchid flower, the national flower of Singapore, and leaves over the seating area.

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Since we’d just eaten on the flight, I only ordered the Big Breakfast Surprise (S$ 18,50) and Rose, Rose I love You (S$17,50) to find out how the menu was. Big Breakfast Surprise consisted of creamy scrambled eggs, shiitake mushrooms, smoked duck slices, and kitty waffle with cheese on top. A small glass jar of honey lime on the side to compliment the taste of the waffle. Rose, Rose I love you is a buttery orange cake topped with sprinkle of chocolate powder and pink-coloured butter cream made in the shape of a rose.  A scoop of peanut buttercup gelato was served on the side.

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For drinks, we had Kitty’s Apple Pie Tea (S$ 7,80) and Hot Chocolate (S$ 6,50)

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It was always fun to try new places and new food creations. However, I personally felt that a few things could be made better like the ambiance and especially the taste of the food. Well… most probably because I expected more. Overall though, I enjoyed the visit.



Arrival Hall Central #01-22

Terminal 3, Singapore Changi Airport

Opening Hours: 24 hours daily

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