Gusto Gelato Bali Affogato

Author: Sassy Eater.

‘Gelato’ is one word popped in my head, when the warm days in Bali make me crave for something cool. Doesn’t it happened with you too !? And I bet Gusto Gelato is one name that is  well known among  foodies who frequently come to Bali.

For some who still think that the difference between  Ice Cream (that we have known since our childhood) and Gelato (that gained its popularity during these recent years)  is merely that the former one is from America and the latter one is from  Italy …. hmmm I suggest you keep on reading more tongue.

Gusto Gelato Bali Seminyak Kerobokan

Gelato has a soft, dense, and milky texture compared to ice cream’s richer, creamier body. It’s not thin, but it lacks the plush, buttery fullness of an ice cream.

– It’s because gelato uses more milk than cream, so it doesn’t have nearly as much fat as ice cream.  It usually uses fewer (or sometimes none) egg yolks.
– Gelato is churned (during the freezing process) at a much slower speed, which introduces less air into the base. That’s why it tastes more dense than ice cream.
– Gelato is served at a slightly warmer temperature than ice cream, so its texture stays silkier and softer.

Since it’s the review about how a foodie enjoys her gelato, not about how one making one tongue  let’s simply put this way…. Gelato has more intense flavour than ice cream, since it has less of the tongue-coating cold fat that gets in the way of tasting ice cream. And the flavors come through directly, solid, and intense! Then melt away, clean! So let’s start digging, shall we ? lovestruck

Gusto Gelato is the first gelato in Bali I fell in love with three years ago when they were still operating out of a cozy small place in Umalas. Their location was a little out of the way, I recall it took me quite an effort finding this small cafe. Gusto Gelato is used to be a best-kept secret amongst locals and expats. (That’s why I never revealed this before bigsmile……….until now).

As Gusto’s popularity grew, they moved to a bigger place in Kerobokan to cater to the crowd. And since they moved to the new location, it seems that the secret is out!

Gusto Gelato Bali outdoor garden

Gusto Gelato Indoor and Outdoor Seatings 2

Gusto Gelato Bali Seminyak Indoor

Their new spacious place is located in jalan Mertanadi, Kerobokan, 1,7 km from Jalan Raya Seminyak (7 min by car, with a bit of traffic). Gusto Gelato boast a comfortable indoor seatings, fully air conditioned and outdoor seatings in the nice shaded garden. And they also offer a take away option, so you can enjoy your gelato in the convenience of your own suite or your private pool.

Gusto Gelato has a wide range of daily made gelato and sherbet, over 30 to choose! From foolproof flavours such as Dark Chocolate, Rum Raisins, Hazelnut to pretty exotic ones like Kemangi and Blackcurrant, and from kid-friendly flavours such as Bounty, Hokey Pokey, Strawberry Milk, Snickers, and Nougatine to some of their specialities such as Marscapone gelato (which is a bit similar to Tiramisu especially if you mix it with Expresso gelato) or their Chilli Chocolate where the sweetness of chocolate followed by the heat of chili which is also their claim to fame.

You can sample the flavour before you decide which one suits you the most.

Gusto Gelato Bali Caramel Apricot Lemon

Gusto Gelato Seminyak Bali scoops


Gusto Gelato Bali Seminyak

Even with the expanded seating, they are still always packed, especially during weekend afternoon. You might experience a bit of a queue but the wait would be worthwhile.

If you want to avoid the busy period, try to come in the morning or early afternoon. Gusto Gelato for breakfast or brunch ?? Why not! Since they also serves coffee & fresh pastries, such as their Tarte au Sucre (IDR 12K) a flat pizza-style pastry doused in butter and crunchy sugar which are baked daily, that I believe is suitable for breakfast or brunch.

What I usually have at Gusto Gelato is a mix of  Expresso Coffee and Nougatine gelato (used to be called Croccante) and snug them into the Brioche that is sold separately (IDR 6K). Or just simply order their Ice Cream Sandwich (IDR 26K) which consists of one brioche with two mix flavours of gelato with your own preference. It’s simply yummy, reminds me of the one-dollar-ice-cream sold in carts along Orchard road, Singapore.

Gusto Gelato Bali brioche

The Affogato (IDR 42K) is to die for! At least for me tongue. I usually choose Toffee (Caramel with a touch of salt) gelato that is going remarkably well with the espresso from Caffé Molinari.

Gusto Gelato Bali Affogato

With a cup of gelato at IDR 22K which you can mix two flavours, and it comes at huge portion, not just a tiny scoop, I consider Gusto Gelato have the cheapest price among their competitors.

And with a selection of gelato at Gusto Gelato that is wide enough to appeal to the most discerning or pernickety of palates, I can say that Gusto is Heaven for Gelato Lovers, literally.

As for me, just simply say that I endeavour to drop in Gusto Gelato whenever I’m in Bali. How about you??


Gusto Gelato and Caffe

Location :
Jalan Mertanadi no 46B, Kerobokan
Bali, Indonesia







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