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I recently visited this new Asian fusion restaurant out of curiosity. Gioi is brand new in Senopati area, and easily find as it’s nestled just a building a way from Monty’s. It’s always refreshing to enter a new place, especially with an original version like Gioi. The place looks like home, with few separate sections depending how many parties you have. The fare is enhanced by mixing modern minimalism with local decorations, where Indonesian ‘tampah bambu’ or round bamboo round trays inhabited the wall as an eye catching backdrop, in unison with organic ingredients that they use here. The menu was mouthwatering but too bad for some reason, not everything was available that day, like the Satay Lilit appetizer or any of the desserts.

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Here are some that I ordered:

Prawn and Chicken Herb Salad

Prawn and Chicken Herb Salad (IDR 88.000):   Home grown fresh mix greens, mint,basil and coriander, mixed with house dressing, and seasonal poached prawn, chicken and chopped peanut. A beautifully presented salad with both Western and local taste. Tangy, sweet and lovely.

Salt Pepper Tofu Bites

Salt Pepper Tofu Bites (IDR 75.000): Crispy battered silky tofu, tossed in Gioi’s special spices, tapped with fried chopped garlic. Good delicious but very common appetizer.

Chicken Wings
Sriracha Chicken Wings


Sriracha Chicken Wings (IDR 80.000): Crispy battered chicken wings, tossed in Gioi’s original Sriracha garlic sauce. It comes in a mason jar and they mix the sauce right in front of you. Nicely seasoned, with extra kick from the sweet and spicy sauce. Entertaining and delicious.

Roast Duck
Roast Duck Curry

Roast Duck Curry (IDR 110.000): Thai red curry, duck breast, served with locally sourced carrot, green tomato and eggplant. The curry was rich with deep flavor, but the duck meat was a little dry.

Cumi Sambal Oelek

Cumi Sambal Oelek (IDR 110.000): Charcoal-grilled squid seasoned with sambal oelek, served with slaw salad and Asian house dressing. The squid was cooked well, fresh and soft to chew, but the dish was bland and needed more flavor.

Asian Baby Back Ribs
Asian Baby Back Ribs

Asian Baby Back Ribs (IDR 185.000): Tender Pork baby back ribs with savory taste, served with sauteed baby potatoes and fresh slaw salad.

Char-Grilled Balinese Chicken

Char Grilled Balinese Chicken (IDR 130.000/half): Slow roasted chicken marinated in Balinese spices, served with side of Gioi rice, corn on a cob and jukut kalasan. Pretty looking dish served on a wooden platter, the chicken was tender with tasty meat, love the fragrant rice and the side sambals. My favorite dish among all.

For a newly opened eatery, with lovely decor, Gioi is fresh and interesting with average tasting menu.



Gioi Cookery & Plantery

Jl. Senopati No.88
South Jakarta

Phone: (021) 721 1468 / 721 1480

Opening Hours:

Mon – Sun 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

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