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When you work at office buildings around Sudirman street, you tend to depend on surrounding cafe or restaurants for your day meal or even night meal, considering how traffic is around the area. Now for office occupants around Intiland Tower, you have a new restaurant option to try. Serving menu from breakfast to late dinner that includes bar selections at the lobby level of the tower building, D’Kevin provides a great meal destination for wide range of people.

dkevin 2

dkevin 1

Located by the tower void, the bistro has a fresco semi outdoor section for smokers or just those who favour outdoor ambience.  With indoor industrial interior with a touch resemblance to American steak diner and a bit of Scandinavian accent, majority of seating capacity was available inside

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Chicken Berries Salad (IDR 55k) – grilled chicken, mesclun, orange, apple, tomato, berries sauce. The salad was presented well with drizzles of berry sauce on top. The taste of each salad ingredients including the chicken was good and refreshing.

Beverage in the background – The Red Flara (IDR 40k)

dkevin 6

dkevin 7

Grilled Beef and Blue Cheese Salad (IDR 115k) – grilled Australian sirloin, apple, blue cheese dressing, mixed lettuce, cashew nuts and balsamic reduction. The medium-cooked beef was tender and juicy. It was good but I was hoping the mix of ingredients in the salad has more character, thus providing more jolt to the dish.

dkevin 9

Half Chicken Betutu (IDR 99k) – traditional balinese chicken baked with banana leaf served with salted fish sambal, steamed rice and salad. It’s somewhat different from what I originally expected from a chicken betutu. However, the taste was actually good with a unique touch from the chef to make it his own creation.

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Bourbon US Baby Back Ribs (IDR 199k) – slow roasted baby back ribs 500gr basted with homemade bourbon BBQ sauce served with fries and corn on the cob. The baby back meat was juicy and tender and it came off easily from the bone. The sauce, however, was a tad sweet for me.

dkevin 10

US Prime Rib Eye 350gr (IDR 399k) – served with mixed lettuce salad and choice of Aus jus sauce or butter soy sauce. The prime rib, despite a rather regular presentation, was tender and tasty. I would, however, prefer less fat on the rib eye meat itself.

dkevin 12

Salmon Sturgeon (IDR 180k) – grilled tasmanian salmon served with sauteed spinach, mashed potatoes and creamy sturgeon. It tasted like an ordinary grilled salmon dish, nothing special on this one. I liked it though.

dkevin 13

I enjoyed the overall meal session here and would surely love to try some of their other menus. I probably would try more menus from the grilled section as I feel that steak is their strong suit.


Intiland Tower Sudirman, Lobby Level
Phone: +62 21 57906000

Opening Hours:
Daily 7AM-10PM


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