Clinton St Baking Company Singapore

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If you are a fan of a nice simple homey American fluffy pancake, this establishment should satisfy your taste buds. Clinton St. Baking Company&Restaurant, Singapore is the first South East Asia outlet of the one in NYC.

Clinton St. Baking Company&Restaurant is located conveniently at Purvis Street, within walking distance from City Hall MRT and Raffles Hotel or Seah Street (which is famous for Sin Swee Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice). They chose Purvis Street for its “neighbourhood feel”, which Ms Lahman, one of the co-founder said would match the vibe of their Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

The first impression of the Singapore’s outlet was the white painted colonial shophouse with the striking red awning, make it noticeable among other bright colour heritage colonial shophouses along two-hundred-metre-long-stretch-Purvis street. Clinton St. Baking Company&Restaurant is dressed in a minimalist clean-toned interior. It appreciates both Western simplicity and spirited local charm.

Clinton Street Baking Company Singapore

Clinton Street Baking Co Singapore Purvis

Clinton Street Baking Company & Restaurant Singapore

Clinton Street Baking Co and Restaurant Singapore

Clinton Street Baking Co Cake Display

Clinton St Baking Company SIngapore Interior

Clinton Street Baking Co Interior

Clinton Street Baking Co Kitchen

Clinton St. Baking Company & Restaurant in NYC is frequently tops the ‘Best’ lists of numerous media outlets for its fluffy pancakes, burgers, buttermilk biscuits, breakfast, brunch and the ultimate comfort food for many. And for the past 14 years, it has been attracting crowds who queue for up to two hours on weekends for brunch.

Pancakes with Warm Maple Butter with the toppings options of wild blueberries, banana walnuts or chocolate chunks have been voted ‘Best In the City’ twice by New York magazine. So when it came to my order, there was no doubt I’d be eating the Pancake with Warm Maple Butter with Banana Walnuts ($18).

The buildup for these pancakes was completely well-deserved, with a perfectly fluffy consistency. They had an aromatic batter, surprising but welcome chunks of fresh banana coupled with a delightful crunch of walnut, which we drizzled over with an awesome homemade maple butter.

My verdict ? It simply felt like home….I don’t know why….Don’t ask me why…I’m not singing. bigsmile

Clinton St Baking Company Pancake Mapple Butter

Gentle Reminder : The signature three-stack of pancakes were huge that it would be savoured perfectly if they are shared among a couple of friends. I shared it with my two girl friends, which both were slim, slender and beautiful…*cough lovestruck but have a voracious appetite.

On my second visit, I had the Pancake with Warm Maple Butter with Chocolate Chunks ($18) which came topped with globs of half melted chocolate and powdered sugar. It was classic and traditional, comfortably filling and had a delicious texture and flavour. The warm maple butter certainly brought the overall flavour of the pancakes a notch higher.

Clinton Street Baking Co Pancake Maple Butter Chocolate Chuncks

Clinton Street Baking Co Pancake Maple Butter with Chocolate Chunk

Clinton St. Baking Company’s biscuit has been their signature item in NYC since 2001, which is renowned for its ethereal crumb. It’s quite rare to find buttermilk biscuits in Singapore, so I was eager to try the Buttermilk Biscuits Sandwich with additional bacon ($15.5), but it was mediocre. While the scrambled eggs were bland and the hash browns were anything but the ones should be, the crunchy texture of the biscuits lend a unique flavour to this classic brunch dish. So can we say, “Saved by the Biscuits” ?

Clinton Street Baking Company Butter Milk Biscuit Sandwich

Their Hot Mocha ($6.5) was smooth, but a bit too weak for me. Not enough bold flavour and there’s no balanced characteristic that I find essential in a decent hot mocha.

But if you come here for the pancake, it’s better to accompany the pancake with their simple option of tea, such as English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Chamomile or Peppermint ($6.50) to enhance the unpretentious taste of the homey pancake.

Clinton Street Baking Company Coffee

Clinton Street Baking Co Singapore

The front-facing portion of the restaurant is a takeaway pastry featuring piles of delicious treats, giving locals the option to savor Clinton St. at home.

Clinton St Baking Company Purvis Street

Clinton St Baking Company Singapore muffin

Clinton St Baking Company Singapore

While their pancakes, among other things, are well worth the hype, Clinton St. Baking Company&Restaurant was also named among the Top 5 Best Pie Spots in New York City by New York Magazine. Therefore, I will return here for the pies and muffins when my dessert craving strikes and for the pancakes when I miss the warmth of home.


Clinton St. Baking Company&Restaurant

Location :

31 Purvis Street
Singapore, 188608
+65 6684 4845

Opening Hour :

8 am – 6 pm Daily



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