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Chicken Sumo Stall Chicken Sumo Stall

A few weeks ago, I was introduced to a chicken fast food chain at Griya Buah Batu, an SBU of Yogya Group. I have known Chicken Sumo for some time, but have not got the opportunity to try them until that day. The Chicken Sumo stall is dominantly red in exterior colour, making it easy to find with its darn cute chicken mascot.

Crispy Fried Chicken Crispy Fried Chicken

Paket Chimo 1 Fried Chicken Chimo Package with 1pc Fried Chicken + Rice

Chicken Sumo, as its name suggests, mostly offers chicken-based food such as Original Chicken Crispy, Chicken Ribs Teriyaki Rice, Chicken Katsu Rice, Chicken Stew Sumo Rice, Chicken Bolognese Sumo Rice, Chicken Pop Rock Sumo Rice, and of course Chicken Nugget. However, they got other menus as well, like French Fries, Pom Pom Fries and Beef Burger to satisfy your hunger.

Chicken Sumo bowls Chicken Sumo Rice Bowls

Chicken Pop Rock Sumo Rice Chicken Pop Rock Sumo Rice

Chicken Ribs Teriyaki Rice Chicken Ribs Teriyaki Rice

Chicken Stew Sumo Rice Chicken Stew Sumo Rice

Chicken Nugget Chicken Nugget

Pom Pom Fries Pom Pom Fries and French Fries

Its main product is obviously the Fried Chicken, which is available in both original and crispy.  I personally liked the crispy a tad better because of the spicy crunchy kick that the skin gave and the richness of the taste. The chicken meat inside was also tender and juicy. That was even after it got a bit cold since I took too long to get a good shot of it.

I feel that Chicken Sumo has done a wonderful job creating new fried chicken-based fast food chain that offers good quality food at a ridiculously low price. Food price is ranging from IDR 5.5k to IDR 37k while beverage price is ranging from IDR 5.5k to IDR 15k. Looking forward to seeing Chicken Sumo at many other Yogya locations.


Chicken Sumo

Griya Buah Batu
Jl. Buah Batu 183-185

Yogya Sunda
Foodcourt Toserba Yogya
Jl. Sunda 56-62

Yogya Ciumbuleuit
Jl. Ciumbuleuit 147

And Yogya at other cities

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