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If you are an avid reader of our blog and I sure hope you are smile, you might have noticed that my personal take on food is a bit geared towards healthier lifestyle, even though I still occasionally consume the non-healthy block as well.

So, during my last trip to Bali early this year, I naturally found this new cafe to be intriguing both from the name itself “Cafe Organic” and the healthy concept it brought to the already cafe-dense area of Petitenget, Seminyak. I came by one morning to have my day brunch there and found it packed with visitors. I guess Seminyak do have a huge bunch of potential healthy-conscious residents and passers-by, including myself.



The cafe resides on a building sharing a complex with several other businesses, located within walking distance to Biku Bali. With a natural scandinavian approach to its interior enriched by wall murals, simple natural cement-finish flooring, and natural fixtures, I quickly enjoyed its ambiance and immersed myself in this healthy culinary episode.








Too many pictures on the interior? I sure hope not since I took much enjoyment in immortalizing it through photos. The space itself is quite small, but I like the warmth aura it generated.

Copacabana (IDR 60k) – a smoothies bowl with tropical fruit base, in this case, pineapple. This fruit platter served on a bed of smoothies with oats and cerals on the sides was fresh and invigorating. Have I mentioned that I am a sucker for fruits?


Bondi Bowl (IDR 60k) – My favorite smoothies bowl that has blueberry, goji berry, oats, raw honey, slices of banana, silvered almonds, mango chunks, chia seeds served on a toasted coconut cut in half.  The taste was balanced between sweet and sour and it was full of healthy ingredients that I craved for.


Island Vibes (IDR 35k) – What’s best to enjoy while you are having vacation in this exotic island?  This refreshing juice, consisted of pineapple, coconut water, orange and lime, was definitely a good choice to have on that sunny day.


Coconut Mylk Coffee (IDR 35k) – Have you ever tried coffee mixed with coconut? I had not as well at the time, so I ordered this one to get this one under my belt. Surprisingly, the taste of this blend did match and I would stop at saying that it did not stop me from emptying the cup.


Evidently, I enjoyed my visit there both from ambience and food standpoint.  I would surely drop by again on my next trip to venture and assess their menu of all day breakfast.


Jl. Petitenget No.99 X
Kerobokan Bali

Opening hours:
Daily 7am – 4pm

P. 0821.4648.9669



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