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Being a Bandung resident my whole life, I know exactly about the development of bakery with its up and down in this beautiful city. From my perspective, there are currently different kinds of bakery existed in town to cater to people’s different needs and I have been to most of them. Several local bakeries have been opened for more than two or three decades with some gear more towards tourists, while others do not. A number of the new bakeries have a different approach in terms of products as well as its presentation.


Earlier last week, I went to the newest bakery in town and found the first of its kind. I was quite astonished by the magnitude of everything in this baker place, from the building size, the elegance of its interior, and the wide product variety they offered here.  The bakery, located in a predominantly white building just in front of  Four Points hotel, was owned by the same owner as the hotel but is operating under different management.  The occupied premises is a loft style two-storeys building with high ceiling covering 75% of its dining area.





With wood-based furniture dominating its bakery counter by the large curving stairs, one would feel its inclination towards European-style bakery.




A private high-ceiling dining area separated by glass windows with aluminium frame is also offered. With several tables, including a long table for party of 10, this area is definitely my favourite.



Choosing the bakery products can be a challenge by itself as we have only this much capacity on our tummy and there were so many mouth watering baker goods to choose from. They were mostly pastry items like Croissant and Puff Pastry, with some breads such as An Pan and cakes selections that include its recommended Cheesecake.

The head pastry chef is a Japanese, brought here from the capital city of Tokyo to lead the bakery production.  As you know, Japan is quite popular with its soft cheesecake. So naturally, the cheesecake is one that I would be intrigued to taste from the start.





Here, besides bakery products, they also serve savoury menus that include soups, salads, pasta, breakfast menus and many others. However, I only got a chance to try some of their breakfast menus and their not-to-be missed bakery products.

Edamame Soup (IDR 35,000) – a cream soup based from Japanese Edamame mixed with cheese and served with garlic bread. The soup got nice balance on taste and texture. I can enjoy the unique combination of taste from the edamame and cheese.



Bowl of Egg (IDR 52,000) – Baked egg served on a bowl-shaped bread, complimented with beef bacon and sausage, vegetables and roasted tomatoes. The presentation itself had already melted my heart. It was gorgeous. I quickly cut the bread and savour the first bite of the bread and egg. It was pretty good.



Buttercup’s Tenderloin Steak (IDR 200,000) – This tenderloin steak was served with sauteed veggies and breaded potatoes with Rosemary Gravy, Mushrooms and Blackpepper sauce on the side. As I ordered it medium-well, the steak was quite tender.


Buttercup’s Charcoal Sandwich (IDR 75,000) – Another one of their signature dishes. The baguette, filled with beef, veggies and a special sauce, was grilled with Japanese natural charcoal to get its black color.  It was served with potato wedges on the side. The baguette was a bit tough on my personal standard. For big sandwich eater, this would definitely be a good choice for brunch.



Buttercup’s Signature Cheesecake (IDR 10,000/pcs or IDR 60,000/pack of 8) – As mentioned above, Japanese chef would surely make a great cheesecake using the best raw ingredients. I like the texture and the taste of the cheesecake.


Anko Mochi (IDR 15,000) – An Pan (IDR 10,000) – Butter Croissant (IDR 10,000) – This wood tray sure deliver the best of Buttercup. The Anko Mochi, a signature pastry from Buttercup, was a croissant filled with red bean mochi. An Pan was also filled with red bean, however the outer layer was made from soft bread. Butter Croissant was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside exactly how a well-made croissant should be.  I have no complain, whatsoever, on these three yummy bakery products.


Matcha Roll Cake (IDR 28,000/slice) – The Japanese soft roll cake was nicely textured and got a well-balanced taste of matcha flavour. I like it.

Glass of Cheesecake (IDR 30,000)


German’s Cake (IDR 28,000) – Sponge cake dusted with white sugar and sliced almonds.

Choux Pudding (IDR 35,000) – Caramel pudding placed on bowl of choux. Love the combination of the choux and caramel pudding. Savouring each bite of this pastry item. This is definitely my favourite so far. Must try!


At the end of the brunch session, I have this verdict on Buttercup by the back of my head.  The refined and stylish interior, together with nicely presented pastry and breakfast dishes, have definitely delivered a classy yet pleasurable experience.


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