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Looking for lunch on my second day in Bali, I landed at a cafe on Sunset road to meet an acquaintance of ours. At first glimpse, it seemed like that the cafe is adopting industrial interior style. However when I got inside, I would say it was more of a fusion between contemporary and industrial. Combination of black and white colour with a touch of natural wood, is dominating the cafe. Brown and Butter, situated at the lobby level of Berry Biz Hotel, is also functioning as a hotel cafe. Operating with a 24 hours co-working concept, this cafe appears to be aiming to cater for visitors from the workplace.

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As I looked around the area, I noticed that it has quite a number of seating capacity indoor as well as outdoor. For smoking section, you can choose to seat outside in the front or on the side. It also provides fully equipped meeting rooms with unique and comfy settings to instill relaxing ambience. They have different style of meeting rooms from formal office type to funky style with seats from bean bag. They even provide a doll to serve as punching bag to vent your frustration over laughing. I can see that everything here has been meticulously designed and set to deliver on its promises.

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The menu offers various dishes from breakfast, bites, sandwiches, salad as well as pasta. Since we were rather famished, we decided to try something simple so we ordered some menu from the rice bowl section and a dessert.

Tuna Sambal Matah (IDR 35k)
Ox Tongue Bulgogi Sauce (IDR 35k)
Minced Beef BBQ Sauce (IDR 35k)
All these rice bowls tasted good and fulfilling. With the price, I think it’s completely worth it and spot on for the targeted market they are trying to tap into.

Doughnut with Ice Cream (IDR 35k)

Blended Bubblegum (IDR 28k)
Blended Oreo (IDR 28k)
Cappuccino (IDR 28k)
Hot Taro Latte (IDR 28k)

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Having spent some time there working on some office-related matters, besides blogging of course, I have to say that Brown and Butter accomplished what it was created to be. Spending quality working time there was a breeze. With good food, fast wifi and the availability of business facilities such as printer and meeting room, one can sure enjoy the productivity of working there.

Jln. Sunset Road No. 99
Kuta, Bali

P: +62 361 849 5222


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