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As more and more cafe popped up between the already packed petitenget and canggu, one should wonder which cafe actually deserve a visit since you have to stay in Bali for a few months if you want to experience everything.

On my last week’s trip, we decided to visit Bow Bali and experienced what it is all about. We were welcomed and hosted by Jan and Emily, the people behind this hidden cafe on jalan Batu Belig, just about 100 metres from the busy jalan Petitenget. They were really hospitable and humble.

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The place was modest in terms of the interior with a back view of a rice field and mountains in the background. The relaxing ambience promotes the feeling of slacking and unwinding which is completely fitting for a holiday.

Previously there were a lot more rice fields but as the growth of the Petitenget unfolds, we see less and less rice fields meaning less nature. It would be perfect if the government can regulate a certain balance between nature and development to ensure the original beauty of Bali does not go away.

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If you look at their menu, you might feel unsure of what kind of cuisines they offer here. They’d like to call it conscious food with a Caribbean touch as Emily the chef came from diverse roots and cooking experiences.

Derived from their passion to provide great dishes at reasonable price, using as many local produce as possible since Bali has almost everything needed to cook good food, they embarked on their restaurant journey 3,5 years ago and established Bow Bali.

Feijoada (feijuada) IDR 95k – Pork with blackbeans served with parsley rice, some greens, orange salad, and cassava powder. It is a national dish of Brazil, as this is what most poor brazilian had whey they cook all the left over meat with black beans. Transformed by the chef into a restaurant dish quality, it was made quality pork meat and black beans. To our surprise, the taste of the dish, that made even the previous Consul of Brazil impressed, was great and tasty. We practically finish the whole dish.
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Burata Tomato – Japanese tomato with burata (best part of mozarella) on a bed of leaves and bread – 85k
The sweetness of the Japanese Tomato combined with the juicy burata made it hard to resist. It is truly a great appetizer to start any meal.
bow bali 12

Smoked Salmon Blinis -2 pcs for IDR 55k. The terms blinis itself is originated from Rusia that means crepes, and here they combine the gluten-free buckwheat small pancake with smoked salmon into a lovely dish.
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Couscous, which is in fact steamed flours rather similar with pasta, is the staple food of Arabic countries, and Mediterranean as well. It was served with condiments raisin onion, chili and a bowl of veggies thick broth. After being explained on how to enjoy it the right way, we changed our initial perception of the dish. The condiments have to be used in the appropriate amount to bring out the flavours of the whole dish. The couscous here is prepared the right way according to how Moroccan grandmas used to do, hence a smooth and airy texture.
bow bali 11

Blanc Manger Caribbean Coconut Specialty and Chocolate Surprise. Both are good desserts to end the afternoon. The coconut was all natural with no sweetener added. For the sweetness, they use a kind of leaves to bring it up.
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In the end, Bow Bali did deliver great fresh food made mostly from Bali local produce at a good price, giving you greater value for the meal. And the passion behind it was the true immeasurable value of a good food.


Jalan Batu Belig No. 11
Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali

P: 0812 3918 6865

Operational Hours:
Open daily 12am – 11pm



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