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Hunting for new and interesting cafe or restaurant has been one of my passion for the last couple of years. Whenever I visited Singapore, I tried to spare sometime to go to as many new ventures as I can that I have not experienced yet. Boufe cafe, located a bit further to the west from the central area of the city, has enticed my appetite for chic and pretty cafe since the day I laid eye on its social media pictures.

I went there by taxi to find that the address is a bit hard to find even for taxi driver. The main reason for that is 308 Tanglin Rd is perched inside the historic site of Phoenix Park just off Tanglin Rd. So the driver can easily pass it by if they don’t know that it is actually inside a complex called Phoenix Park, that was the British’s centre of power for the region during colonial times and then becoming the Ministry of Home Affairs’ headquarters (MHA) from 1977. Now, it is a historic site since its enactment on 2012.

Boufe Cafe was small and simple from the outside with whitish dominant paint. Its simplicity did tickle my curiosity.

boufe cafe 1

boufe cafe 2

The interior maintained the same tone with white walls all over with menu boards hung on the wall by the entrance.  There was a small boutique further inside on the left side. The dining space was not as small as I thought, with a quite spacey pantry and kitchen bar on one side.

boufe cafe 3

boufe cafe 4

The combination of white and a hint of black on all the furniture and fixtures of this venue is truly what makes it stand out from all the rest. It’s very instagenic.

boufe cafe 5

boufe cafe 6

boufe cafe 7

Since I had to drop by the hotel to pick up my luggage on my way to the airport later in the afternoon, I could not spend to much time here. I ordered one of its BYO Croissant Sets, Trinity Set (S$ 11.9), which includes one meat + one veggie + one egg of my choice. I chose ham slices for the meat, sauteed mushroom for the veggie and sunny side up for the egg.

For the drinks to accompany the meal, I had a cup of Cappuccino (S$ 5), Organic Apple Peach Raspberry (S$6) and an Iced Matcha Tea Latte (S$ 6).

boufe cafe 8

boufe cafe 9

boufe cafe 10

The drinks were okay, but the texture of the croissant was great. With the right ingredients in the mix, it wouldn’t go wrong. But again, I have to applaud its simplicity in design that brings forth this simple yet alluring ambiance.

Boufe Cafe
Address: 308 Tanglin Rd
Singapore 247974

Phone: +65 6734 7656

Operational Hours:
Monday Closed
Tuesday-Sunday 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Website // Facebook // Instagram // Pinterest

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