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For you hip urban outeaters, the name Benedict must have prompted you to a classy yet casual restaurant at Grand Indonesia East Mall, serving their distinctively creative menu. Benedict, under the wings of chef Fernando Sindu and Ivan Wibowo, has now launched its second outlet at another upscale mall right on Sudirman Street Central Business District, Pacific Place.

Benedict occupies the space just beside Aksara concept store, previously filled by Canteen, a brand that is also owned by Union Group. After a long and flourishing tenancy there, I guess the group thought that it’s time to switch to a new trendy concept. That’s where Benedict came in.




As I got there, I immediately noticed the peculiar design of the front-side seating area that they maintained for Benedict.  The area was partitioned by this partial glass-framed window with steel beams that extend with a curve to above the seatings serving as ceiling.



The entrance on the side through Aksara greeted us with a bar that sometimes serves as waiting table during peak dining time.  Glancing to the main dining area and through the brighter outdoor section behind the rolling glass doors, I saw quite a few tables in both areas. I quickly asked the greeter to be seated by the window in the smoking section. Not that I smoke, but I prefer the natural lighting and outdoor breeze to accompany my lunch session.




I can feel why this outdoor area would become smokers and coffee drinkers first choice to spend their afternoon at.





As I checked the drinks menu out, I was initially a bit hesitant to order from the signature coffee section since I have experienced numerous times of bad coffee drinking experience in countless restaurants, big or small.  However, my eyes caught several unique coffee drinks name with a rather dubious ingredients, thus I decided to venture once more.

Coconut Latte (IDR 45k) – with Gula Melaka and Dehydrated Coconut.  The presentation, by itself, already put me in awe mode.  The best way to drink this as explained by the server is to put the chunk of brown sugar and a piece of roasted coffee bean into your mouth and start biting on them as you drink the coconut latte. It sure gave a balanced taste of bitter and sweet combined with a soft scent and taste of coconut in the latte. Wow, definitely must try for hot milky coffee drinkers.




Black Pepper Agave Cappuccino (IDR 45k) – Cappuccino drizzled with black pepper was definitely something that you do not see everyday. Truthfully speaking, I am not a fan of black pepper even as spices in food.  However, this one proved me otherwise. As I took my first sip, the soft scent of black pepper and the lovely taste and texture of the cappuccino truly made my day. I am impressed with the seriousness of Benedict in serving great products.



Coconut Cold Drip Coffee (IDR 40k) – Served in a cocktail or whisky glass with a mint leaf filled ice cube floating in the middle, the cold drip coffee was exquisite and surely taste like an expensive whisky, only this one is coffee. They offer this one with gula melaka (IDR 45k), bailey’s or kahlua (IDR 55k) with some markup on the price.




Japanese Benedict (IDR 85k) – these two stacks of Poached Eggs on top of shiitake rice and chicken hamburg and drizzled with dynamite Hollandaise sauce were not just pretty. The runny and perfectly poached eggs were a delight. However, I think this menu was the kind that either you like it or you don’t. So it really depends on your personal taste preference. To me it was quite good.


Mushroom Ragout Tagliatelle (IDR 85k) – with porcini, chicken pesto, grana padano cheese, truffle oil.  The decently cooked tagliatelle was wrapped in a creamy mix of cheese, pesto and truffle oil creating one delightful pasta dish. The short time we spent emptying the plate sure said something about this dish.



Fried Chicken Waffle (IDR 80k) – An unlikely pair that made it as one of the popular menu in this restaurant.  The crispy and tasty fried chicken and waffle were surprisingly a match to be eaten together.


Foie Gras Rice (IDR 140k) – with confit duck, crispy garlic, egg, pickled shiitake mushrooms.  This dish with generous portion of foie gras was my personal favourite here. I have tried it at the first outlet and the one I tried here was not disappointing at all.



Benedict’s Signature Lindt Chocolate Cake (IDR 60k) – If you are a chocolate lover, we highly recommend you to try this one. The chocolate cake was moist and dense, but the sweetness was not overpowering at all hence creating a great overall taste.


Ban-a-tella Crumble (IDR 55k) – I am more of a banana person than chocolate, so when I looked at the dessert menu, I couldn’t bring myself not to order this banana nutella crumble cake. Love the taste and texture of this crumble.


Choco-tella Crepe (IDR 80k) – Roasted banana, Chantilly cream, Salted caramel ice cream. This one came highly recommended by a friend and it turned out that it was crazily good. The fluffy thin crepes was filled with chantilly cream that gave a light sweetness that was spot on. Slices of banana and the salted caramel ice cream were the right condiments to go with the crepe. Love it!



Rub-A-Dub-Dub (IDR 100k) – this particular signature cocktail with melon liqueur, mandarin vodka, fresh lemon juice, egg white.  As an occasional soft liquor cocktail drinker, I found this drink to be highly likeable with a cute duck floating on top of it.


Benedict did give me another wonderful overall dining experience.  Elegant cozy ambience, charming menu presentation and well-thought food and drinks recipe and preparation that gave birth to excellent dishes were the few restaurant traits that I found in BENEDICT, a name I would not soon forget.


Pacific Place, 4th Floor
Jl. Jend. Sudirman No.Kav 52-53
Senayan, South Jakarta

P. 021.57973742

Opening Hours:
Sun-Thu 9am–10pm
Fri-Sat 9am–11pm



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