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Upon entering this establishment in Ubud area, I got a rather different feeling from the usual cafe or restaurant in Bali as the aura emitted thematic sundanese vibe. The music they played there was Sundanese and there were bamboo-made bales. Kinda like Sundanese restaurant in Bandung, don’t you think.   Later on I found out from the PIC there that Bale Udang was originated from Yogyakarta.

This semi-outdoor Ubud outlet from Avilla Hospitality has a rather vast area with traditional yet minimalist feel attached to it. The area was surrounded with nature from ponds and plants. We chose the table on one of the Bale that has a hole right under the table to feed the fishes in the pond.

bale udang 1

bale udang 2

bale udang 3

bale udang 4

This hole right under the table allows us to feed the fish in the pond.

bale udang 5

bale udang 6

These hungry hordes came jumbling up as we threw the fish food that was provided by Bale Udang. It would make a good entertainment for kids if you brought one.

bale udang 7

As the place is called Bale Udang, prawn has to be the main ingredients for its special dishes, so the first thing I ordered was one of its signature dishes, Udang Bakar Madu Super.  This menu is truly a must here. The combination of flavour was spot on. The texture was also good as the prawn was fresh and grilled right.

Udang Bakar Madu Super 135k

bale udang 9

bale udang 10

Kerang Simping 55k

bale udang 8

bale udang 11

Nasi Goreng Kampung 55k

bale udang 12

Paket Pesinggahan 85k

bale udang 13

Terong Balado 29k

bale udang 14

Karedok 25k

bale udang 15

Es Krim Goreng 25k

bale udang 16

Pisang Goreng Keju 32k

bale udang 17

Ronde 30k

bale udang 18

Heard from a friend that some of these menu are actually not available anymore and had been replaced with other menus. These menus that I tried were suitable for my palate. Can’t wait to try their new menus.

This trip to Bali I had with introduced me to this nice sundanese-cooking restaurant that I would not have found otherwise. Bale Udang has outlets in either Kuta and Ubud. I have not tried the one in Kuta, but I would imagine more or less the same. Being originated from West Java, I could confidently argue that Bale Udang gave a rural ambiance in the middle of bustling city of Denpasar. If you are looking for good eating experience on a bale, this is certainly the place.



Jl. Raya Goa Gajah
Banjar Teges Kanginan, Desa Peliatan
Ubud, Bali – Indonesia
P: +62 361 978 754

Jln. Nakula No. 88
Sunset Road
Kuta, Bali – Indonesia
P: +62 361 894 7119 or +62 361 370 0660

Open daily : 11.00 – 22.00 WITA


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