Bakso Djoget

Author: Posh Eater

That day, the need of ‘ngebakso’ came rushing down on me, so I went to try the recently famous Bakso Jingkrak in Sunter. Unless you’re living in a cave, you must have heard about how the grand opening of this place created such a buzz, with the sexy  owners and their bright orange assembles. Personally I think that’s a smart promotional strategy on business point of view.

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Here’s what I can tell you about Bakso Jingkrak place, like many other humble jajanan places in Jakarta, theirs were humble but comfy in their own standard. The small eatery was bright, colorful and most important thing-full air conditioned. Surprisingly, their menu were much variant than the typical bakso/Indonesian meatball eateries. You can tell that the ladies owners weren’t just smart but also creative in making their own culinary version such as Bakso Belanda (IDR 10.000/L piece): Meatball with cheese in the middle, Bakso Telor (IDR 10.000/L piece): Meatball with egg in the middle, etc. They also have Bakwan/ Fried side dishes to select.

Bakso Djoget
Bakso Djoget

Bakso Djoget (IDR 10.000/L piece): Large meatball with minced beef and chili padi slices in the middle. The meatball was succulent, with enough firmness, delicious real meat plus added explosion of spiciness from the filling. Yum!

Bakso Urat Pedas

Bakso Urat Pedas (IDR 10.000/L piece): Large meatball with beef tendon and chili padi. Nice texture, tasty, but watch out of the pieces of bones in the meatballs.

Bakso Sapi (IDR 2500/ S piece): Regular meatball, good choice for kids or those of you who like original taste.

Fried Side Dishes
Fried Side Dishes

The Fried Side Dishes:

Tahu Goreng (IDR 2500): Fried tofu with minced chicken meat. Quite small but delicious.

Kresol Goreng (IDR 2500): Risol/ Fried spring roll filled with veggies and chicken.

Siomay Goreng (IDR 2500): Fried chicken cake, with crisp wonton skin, flavorful filling.

My visit to Bakso Jingkrak was surely delightful. The bakso was satisfactory in taste. Might be more expensive from the other Bakso, but worth the flavor and experience.

Bakso Jingkrak

Jl. Danau Sunter Utara No.27
Sunter, Jakarta

Opening Hours:

Mon-Sun 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

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