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When you talk about Bakmi, your mind will be taken straight to the regular noodle stalls that sell yamien, mie baso and the usual rest, right? Same case with this Bakmi Mewah Rasa. When I saw vertical banners across Cihampelas street leading to Ciwalk (Cihampelas Walk) mall this weekend, I thought a new noodle cafe had just opened so I went there to check it out. Turned out Bakmi Mewah is not an eating joint, it is a new food product by Mayora and was launched that day at the mall.

After coming to terms with the fact, I checked out the event booth and found out that this innovation was proclaimed to be the first quick-serve Bakmi (Noodle) in Indonesia with real chicken and mushroom. They tried to distance themselves from the term instant, and use quick-serve instead to highlight the value-added they have by being less preservatives and MSG besides the use of real chicken and mushroom, hence shorter shelf-life, which I think is fine considering the upside.

This grand launching in the City of Flower signified that the products will be available in many local stores, such as Yogya, Alfa Mart, Hypermart and others across the city. Since I like instant noodle but was afraid to consume it frequently, I welcomed this new product and immediately bought a box of four Bakmi Mewah to experience for myself.

bakmi mewah 1

With brand ambassadors like Indy Barrends, and Raffi Ahmad, the event was sure to make a loud bang.  The launching ceremony was affirmed by Mrs. Vice Governor of West Java through the symbolic contribution provision to the ladies at PKK (acronym for Pembinaan Kesejahteraan Keluarga that means Prosperous Family Assembly in English) in the city of Bandung. All the sales of Bakmi Mewah from the event will be given as contribution to the PKK. The idea was to be closer to people and to give back to the society.

bakmi mewah 2

bakmi mewah 3

bakmi mewah 4

I decided to try the noodle the next morning. The box packaging showed that it was Halal-certified and it had been registered legally under Indonesian food administration. So we don’t have to worry about the quality of the product itself.  The box consisted of the dried noodle, packets of soy sauce and oil, green onion, chili sauce and the most important one, chicken and meat, that was claimed to be real and has gone through years of research and development process to perfect it.

bakmi mewah 5

Through the experience of cooking it myself, I learned that Bakmi Mewah was as easy and as quick to cook as instant noodle.  I boiled the water to a brim and put the dried noodle and green onion into the boiling water. After being boiled for 3 minutes, the noodle was put on a strainer to remove the excess water.  The drained noodle was then mixed with the soy sauce and oil and stirred. The chicken meat and mushroom was then added at the top. Voila, ready to serve.

The noodle was soft, and truthfully, I felt that the texture was a bit like yamien.  It was a tad slippery, which I usually did not find from instant noodle. The taste was a bit bland maybe due to the lesser MSG. The chicken and mushroom was tender and quite similar to the real meat.

bakmi mewah 6

bakmi mewah 7

In my opinion, Bakmi Mewah has delivered an innovative product to fill the gap in the market for healthier instant noodle. For you health-conscious instant noodle lovers, you got yourself what you wish for.  Enjoy!




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