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Have you heard about the famous Nasi Jenggo in Bali? It’s called Nasi Jenggo because of the price is relatively cheap, which is 1,500 (and Jenggo rhymes with Ceng Gouw, meaning 1,500 bigsmile). I remembered looking for it somewhere around Denpasar at the very late hour to get a taste of it. Now the price of Nasi Jenggo has gone up to probably 4,000.

Recently we encountered another version of nasi kucing in Bandung with the price of 3,500 per pack, which has been quite a hype since it started. Located in the assumed area for pork-based culinary, this stall is stationed in a house yard, just across the street from Magic Wok and a few houses from Summerbird bed and breakfast. Here you got quite a few selections that you can order. They serve approximately about 20 nasi kucing to choose from.  However, not every items are available every day.  There are also several satays, side dishes, and drinks to choose from.

angkringan oink oink 1

Jamur Tim Babi dan Tahu Tim Babi
angkringan oink oink 2

As you can see from the photos, I only ordered one piece of each type that I selected just to have a try. Got a belly shape to maintain, you know… tongue The Sate Babi Kecap was tender and tasty. Silicone (Siomay Lipat Cone) beside the satay was one of the new addition to the menu.
angkringan oink oink 3

Babi Pete Kecap Pedas. This one is my favourite and yes I do love petai (pete) tongue. It’s smelly but good, just like durian. Some of you might like it or hate it.
angkringan oink oink 4

Nyuk Piang (Sour mustard and pork steamed together).
angkringan oink oink 5

Babi Rica-Rica
angkringan oink oink 6

Bakmoy Kering
angkringan oink oink 7

The portion of each nasi kucing pack is pretty small. For a regular guy, I think you need at least 3-5 to get your tummy satisfied.


Angkringan Oink Oink
Jl. Kesatriaan No. 23

Operational Hours:
Daily 5.30 PM till end


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