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Valentine’s Day, celebrated in most countries in the world, is known as the day of love where lovey-dovey couples spent times together in various ways to express their feelings to each other.  The most common way is to have a romantic valentine dinner at a nice venue.  I had my fair share of valentine dinners myself at several places.  To me, the ambiance and the food play an essential role in making the day as memorable as it should be, besides the companion himself or herself of course tongue.

valentine fresco hilton bandung 1

Before we started dinner,  we were served two charming-looking glasses of cold beverages. The drinks were symbolizing a relationship that sometimes started out a bit bitter or sour in the beginning, but in the end, it came out sweet.

At Fresco Restaurant, they offered four types of romantic spot to choose from. The first one is the table by the pool under the palm trees that provides you with a relaxing and airy aura surrounded by nature. This table was occupied by Frank & Elsa from Bandung Foodies as well.

valentine fresco hilton bandung 3

The second one is by the glass window overlooking the view of the city.  Here, you will experience a more vibrant urban feeling that will complement your whole valentine dinner experience. The model with grey hair here is Dika from Bandung Foodies.

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The two other spots are in the gazebo and inside this love pillars.  I took a liking on these spots since I believe it would give us the secluded setting and a romantic notion that a valentine dinner requires.

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valentine fresco hilton bandung 8

A quick look inside the gazebo (with Victor & Ranie from Bandung Foodies inside), you can see rose petals on the table and other decoration elements to make the dinner special for the couples.  I am impressed with their effort to make the loving mood elevated.

valentine fresco hilton bandung 9

valentine fresco hilton bandung 10

As for me, I chose to try this pillars of love. With two half-circles bunk bed on each side of the table, we sat facing each other to enjoy this romantic dinner previewing a valentine dinner session at Fresco Restaurant Hilton Hotel Bandung.

Before long, a server by the name of Billy, came by with a jug of water with red rose petals, a bowl and towels to provide a hand washing session before the dinner.  It was undoubtedly the appropriate way to be the loving king and queen of the day.

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For wine pairing with the dishes, we first got Cabernet Sauvignon White Wine.

valentine fresco hilton bandung 13

Appetizer – Cheese and tomato salad, toasted scarmoza, sea salted bocconcini, fresh basil, aged balsamic

A combination of cheese and tomato salad on this appetizer blends well together, creating a fresh yet appetizing light appetizer.

valentine fresco hilton bandung 14

Next on the course is the soup – Cream of Forest Mushrooms, thyme cream, focaccia toast.

The mushroom soup had a great texture, not too watery and not too thick. The thyme cream added necessary flavours to the soup. With the nice touch of edible three color leaf-like thing on top, the soup was nicely presented.

valentine fresco hilton bandung 15

Intermediate – Butternut Squash Ravioli sage beurre noissette, king prawn, beetroot.

Wohoo I love prawns. The king prawn was cooked and seasoned well. Too bad there’s only one since it’s just the transition dish before moving on to the main course. The ravioli itself was good, but the skin can be made a tad thinner I think. The butternut squash inside was sublime though, a definitely unique kind of pasta that works.

valentine fresco hilton bandung 16

Hold on now. Sorbet before the main course? That’s what I asked the server that night. This sorbet served more as a mouth and palate cleanser so-to-say. So when we start the main course, our palate would be neutralize from the sweetness, sourness or whatever taste from the previous dishes.

The flavour on the sorbet was a Mango and Basil Sorbet. The texture was watery, the right density for a sorbet. The taste is also not overpowering, kind of light, with a unique taste and smell probably from the basil.  I guess it’s the purpose of the put everything back to zero.

valentine fresco hilton bandung 17

While waiting for the main course, I looked around the area to get a feel of the whole ambiance. A quite pool on one side, and romantic elements on the others like flowers, candles and desk of wines, it was definitely surreal. Without us noticing, the pillars surrounding our dining spot has blanketed our attention inside to the one that we were with.

valentine fresco hilton bandung 18valentine fresco hilton bandung 19

We were poured a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine just before the main course were served.

valentine fresco hilton bandung 20

As for the main course, we were given two options and we decided to choose a different one for each of us.

I tried the Roasted Spring Chicken – rosemary, garlic, cream potato, parmesan froth, mushrooms ragout, spring vegetables.  The chicken was tasty and tender. The combination of the other ingredients properly suited this particular protein.

valentine fresco hilton bandung 21

My partner tried the Slow Roasted Veal Shank – red wine glaze, potato gnoochi, caramelized shallot, edamame, and taragon butter.  It was like a symphony of taste, playing together to make the right blend of taste.

valentine fresco hilton bandung 22

Dessert – White Chocolate Tart, with passion fruit glaze, baked mini chocolate, vanilla pannacotta, 64% dark chocolate, yoghurt sorbet. This dessert plate got a few bite-size items that I found to be appetizing. The pannacotta and dark chocolate were my favourite.

valentine fresco hilton bandung 23

Petit four and coffee or tea to close the meal. To tell you the truth, at this point, we were already quite full.  So we spent sometime chitchatting and doing other stuff up until the tummy was ready for another round. After all, we could not skip this beautifully made petit four that included macarons, cakes, chocolates, etc.

valentine fresco hilton bandung 24

valentine fresco hilton bandung 25

This romantic spot valentine package, that was priced at IDR 1.2 mio, includes box of pralines, a rose and a cute doll that will sure to impress your loved ones. Wine is offered at an additional cost of IDR 350k. If you are looking for the best spot to spend your valentine dinner in Bandung, I believe this is the one, given the level of uniqueness, intimacy, and service they provide.

The package is also offered at IDR 750k without the selected romantic spots I discussed above.

And as if those above services are not enough, you can also order a pre-dinner 15 mins foot massage at an additional fee, to help make your mood be at its best.

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Fresco Restaurant
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