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In regards to overseas education, based on what I know, there are several countries that serve as the favoured study destinations for Indonesians, such as Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, United States, Germany, and London. Like many Indonesian previously studied overseas, I occasionally reminisce on good food that I used to enjoy while I was in the States, completing my undergraduate studies in Los Angeles. Such recollections sometimes turn into cravings and I know first hand how it felt.

However, for you who previously studied in Australia, you now can suppress some of the cravings by visiting 56 Degrees, a 4-storeys cafe at Paskal Hypersquare, serving Melbourne-inspired dishes accompanied with other creative menus. The unit is located close to the entrance of the hypersquare, just by the first row of business units on the right side.

56 degrees interior

56 degrees interior

56 degrees interior

The first floor does not have any seating area, just an alley passing by the kitchen and food preparation area to the stairs in the back. You can choose to seat on the 2nd, 3rd or the semi outdoor smoking section 4th floor. Being a non-smoker myself, I personally like the warmth and trendy settings of either the 2nd or 3rd floor. Here some design elements of each floors to give you an idea of what to expect when you drop by.

56 degrees interior

56 degrees interior

56 degrees interior

56 degrees interior

Enough with the ambiance, let’s move on to review on food and desserts. As I have visited this place a number of times since its opening, I have tried quite a few menu to date. So as not to confuse you, I’ll share the dishes from their first menu batch that are still in their regular menu at the time of my review.

Braised Beef Cheek (IDR 60,000) – served with saute vegetable, potato chips, sousvide egg, choice of mashed potato or steamed rice, and watercress salad.  This signature dish is my favorite from the beginning. The beef cheek was tender and tasty, combined with the properly boiled poached egg and the whole condiments and sauce, it was sublime. Must try guys!
braised beef cheek
braised beef cheek

Sweet Soy Lamb (IDR 55,500) – served with braised purple cabbage and garlic french fries. Not as tender as the beef cheek, but it was alright taste-wise.
sweet soy lamb

Seafood Fried Rice (IDR 42,500) – served with homemade sambal, seafood and eggplant topped with sunny side up egg and prawn crackers. It might look scary eating black rice, but as fried rice lover, I dare to vouch for this one.
seafood fried rice
Not available anymore

Hotcakes (IDR 47,000) – Fluffy hotcakes topped with seasonal fruits, kemangi ice cream, drizzled with honey and crystalized candlenut. Another winner here. If you love desserts, this currently popular dessert in Melbourne sure provide the satisfaction of savoring a yummy desserts through both mouth and eyes.

Fruit Crumble (IDR 38,000) – Seasonal Fruit topped with homemade crumble, berry coulis and a scoop of vanilla ice cream (not available anymore)
Carrot with pineapple cake with toffee crunch (IDR 25,000) – Liked it
fruit crumble and carrot cakes

Jasmine and Passion fruit Fizz (IDR 24,500) – I like the smell of jasmine and the taste of this soda drinks.
jasmine and passion fruit fizz

From our latest visit, we got a chance to try some of their new menu. Some already made it to the regular menu, but some are still seasonal-based.

Chicken Mushroom Fried Rice (IDR 42,500) – Our homemade fried rice topped with deepfried chicken, mushroom, taro chips, pickled cucumber and sunny side up on top.
chicken mushroom fried rice

chicken mushroom fried rice

Aglio olio Pasta (IDR 48,500) – Ebi, Garlic, and Chili Pasta served together with sauté cherry tomato, and a deep fried soft shell crab.  The pasta noodle was cooked just right with balanced seasonings. With a crispy soft shell crab on the side, I could surely enjoy it for lunch or dinner.
aglio olio pasta

The Brekkie (IDR 56,000) – Two eggs any style (scramble, omelette, sunny side up, or poached), a toast, saute mushroom, and cherry tomato, fresh slice avocado, carrot puree, and sausage served aside with green salad
the brekkie

Here are the seasonal-based ones. So if you found something that you would like to have your bite on, you better try anytime soon, since they might not still be available next month or the following month.

Gindara Croissant (IDR 57,000) – Toasted butter croissant with a fillet of panseared gindara served with mint cucumber slaw, onion ring and a side of honey mustard green salad.  Another creative take on savory pastry item. I like the croissant and the properly cooked gindara by themselves. But I personally felt that the taste combination did not work as well as expected.  Kudos for the spirit of invention though.

gindara croissant, aglio olio pasta, chicken mushroom fried rice

Sirloin Bowl (IDR 65,000) – Sirloin cooked sousvide on top of rice bowl, served with sousvide egg, scallion and a drizzle of soy sauce. The sirloin was nicely medium well cooked but with the look of rather medium rare or medium because of the sousvide cooking technique. It delivered a tender and nice balance of taste on the sirloin that gave the dish the winning main ingredients.
sirloin bowl

Roseberry Ice Cream (IDR 26,000) – One big scoop of rose ice cream topped with strawberry, watermelon, rose jelly, grape and tuille crackers. Another nice plating from the dessert table 🙂 Love the taste of the roseberry ice cream itself.
roseberry ice cream

Banana Bread (IDR 32,500) – Homemade banana bread served with peanut butter, cranberries, burnt marshmallow and banana brulle together with vanilla ice cream. Dipped onto the peanut butter and banana brulle, the moist and soft banana bread was yummy.
kueh ape pannacotta

“Kueh Ape” Pannacotta (IDR 28,500) – Homemade vanilla pannacotta topped with pandan ice cream,, crumble, tuille, dry coconut and edible flowers. I have always been a fan of pannacotta. So when it was served, I was hardly able to resist the temptation to scoop it right away. But the duty as food blogger remained top priority, so I hold off the thought for a few long minutes.  When finally I got to try it, I can say that it’s worth the wait. Glad to find another dessert here that I like. I would prefer to have a more jiggly texture and stronger flavor and aroma on the pannacotta though.
flat lay new menu

Snickers milkshake (IDR 30,000)
Yakult lemonade (IDR 22,000) – It was refreshing.

Lavender Blueberry Milkshake (IDR 30,000)
Hot Caramel Latte (IDR 28,000)
56 degrees lavender blueberry milkshake

For me, 56 Degrees feels like a breath of fresh air in the already packed culinary scene in Bandung. With every kind of cafe and restaurant competing with each other, this relatively new cafe manage to distinct itself from the others through its unique approach to the menu both from food ingredients as well as plating presentation. I fell in love with their food creations especially the braised beef cheek and the hotcakes served with kemangi ice cream and also from their new menu, sirloin bowl, aglio olio pasta and roseberry ice cream. Would surely love to see more and more great menus ahead. Keep it coming guys!


Paskal Hypersquare B69
Jalan Pasirkaliki
Ph. 022.86060668

Operating Hours:
Fri-Sat 8am – 12am
Sun-Thu 8am – 11pm



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